Applying for work from Overseas.

Hey Guys,

I’m going to be relocating to Canada in a few months time and just want to know your thoughts on how to go about applying for work from another country and if it makes a difference. I have my visa approved and as soon as I obtain work will be on a flight there within a weeks time as i’m currently unemployed and not tied down in any way (3 month snowboarding holiday!).

Just to also let you know i’m going to keep my options open so I can get over there- design, manufacturing, cad etc will all be on the cards depending on my luck with preferences. Anyway what are your thoughts about applying from a far?


I’m in the same position, although I will relocate in 8 months or so. I’m looking for CAD technician or manufacturing technician or CNC operator, etc, any “basic” jobs like that. I don’t think that I can to compete against other Canadian grads for ID positions, after seeing their portfolios. :confused:

I’m originally from Ukraine, and since there is a large Ukrainian community in Alberta or there abouts, will this be of any advantage?

Sorry to bump your thread, jossw, I hope both of us will get answers.

I don’t have any experience in relocating to another country, but I think that if you have sort of a predesignated network at the place you are relocating to it would be useful. I will be studying abroad in about a year and one thing I found useful is that if you’re a member of a church or other group such as a fraternal organization then you can contact the local branch to look for an apartment or other place to live.

I know that doesn’t cover employment but it seems to me that if you can contact a local designer’s society such as the Canadian equivalent of IDSA, you might be able to get some referrals. Even looking up design firms and other companies you might want to work for and seeing if they have any job opportunities might be of help.

As for a large Ukrainian community, experiMENTAL, I think it can only be of help if you can establish contact with those who share similarities with you. This seems to be a great opportunity for both of you to fine-tune your networking skills and develop lasting connections.

Good luck to the both of you, I’ve heard Canada is a nice place to live.

ditto. looking at Canada as a product designer. I think design experience in another country would do wonders for your creative input. I suggest networking through something like LinkedIn or similar to see if that helps.

I have doubts about being accepted into purely design related positions, what are the chances of me getting a CAD technician/CNC operator work in Canada? Are these competitive jobs that require relevant experience?

I’m pretty keen to go to work in Canada as well - the snowboarding holiday part of it is goood. whereabouts in Australia are you from Jossw?

I’m in Brisbane, and it seems pretty stale as far as design goes anyway. Canada or the US is my target at this stage. That, and being able to live and work doing what I love in a city that isn’t too far from my other love of snowboarding.

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Not just yet. Try to apply to a non-design job and move to Canada for a year. During that year, look for ID positions. I don’t know whether this could work though

ahhh, a thread in which I have all the answers :slight_smile:

I moved to Canada from the UK in 2001… before 9/11 so things have changed since then. I also know a lot of ex-pats out here so everyones story is always a little different.

I decided to move to Canada in about 2000. I searched online for as many display and POP companies I could get in contact with and sent them all an e-mail telling them about myself, examples of my work and that I would be in Toronto in the September of 2000. I also got my aunt who was living in Toronto at the time to send me copies of the local Yellow Pages sections for display manufacturers and designers.

I got a rally good response and managed meetings with about 7-8 companies. Some were obviously not a right fit, some weren’t a right fit but were very useful in pointing me in the right direction and others had some promise.

I was offered one temporary position for 3 months but I would have had to organise my own Visa. One other company came through for me though, they hooked me up with a one year work Visa and offered me a job (it was slightly less than I was making in the UK but I figured I would take the risk). After I got my work Visa I started the process of getting my Permanent Resident status that took about a year to clear.

I stayed with that company for about 2 1/2 years… I moved on about 3 weeks before it went under.

Funnily I turned freelance sometime ago and do some work from time to time for some of the people I initially hooked up with that first time I came over.

To summarise my advice… network, network, network, even from overseas it’s now easily possible and as long as you are courteous in your approach you will find people who will be willing to help you out. You ahve to remember the majority of people here are immigrants so understand your reasons for wanting to come here and the obstacles that are in your way.

Good luck!