Applying for undergraduate, portfolio


I’m a scandinavian student applying for some product/industrial design undergraduate courses in the UK. Northumbria has asked me to send them my portfolio, and I thought I’d pass it through here first, to possibly get some last minute comments and suggestions.

-Have I got too much (especially too much unrelevant work)?
-Is the order I present my work ok?
-Does the layout work for you?
-Should i write something?

Please have at it.

thanks for reading

Updated the portfolio a little, and changed the link, an online version this time.

I think this is an excellent undergraduate application portfolio. When I was doing this (17 years ago now!!!) we just sent in 8-12 slides (actual slides), so I’m not sure if this is too much or not. I particularly like the charcoal sketch or Prague and the Steam Punk Insect. I think the important thing is that you are showing a variety of mediums, subjects and approaches.

Thank you.

In fact, I think universities still expect slides from interviewees. As I’m not living in the UK, I asked if a phone interview would be ok, at which they just told me to attach my portfolio to an email… Actually got it down to a 12mb file, same one as online :unamused:. Already sent it away, now just crossing my fingers and waiting for a positive response.

Got an unconditional offer :mrgreen:

Congratulations. Welcome to the next step!