applying for UK employment (US citizen), please advise


I am interested in applying for an ID opportunity in the UK. Very interested, but not sure what to say/do (in a cover letter, for example) about the logistics of physically making such a move. I have no idea where to start since I have not worked outside the USA except for work travels with past employers.

I may be thinking too hard, but just want to put my best foot forward, but simultaneously not jeopardize any employment chances. Will have a hard enough time being considered since I am not “local,” correct?

If anyone has experience, please advise. I am very excited about this opportunity and appreciate any feedback or direction you may have.

Hi! There’s a topic that I started here:

It’s obviously about doing the reverse, but I don’t know if it might help you in some way. If you have no visa, then it seemed the best chance was to apply to an international company with hope of getting a transfer. Apart from that I don’t know too much about the visa situation, but if you have any specific questions about CV’s/application format, I’d be happy to throw in anything I know from experience!