Applying for my Major (ID) @ ECIAD

Hey everyone. I’m about to start assembling my portfolio to apply into the ID program at the Emily Carr Institute after completing my first year there.

They are not looking for a strictly ID folio, as they mentioned they are interested in seeing a variety of media. I’m just looking for some advice as to how I might go about assembling my folio for presentation.

I have several 18x24 life drawings and perspective studies that i would like to include, and I thought about creating a large book for them. Then I was thinking I create a smaller (maybe 12x12) book to showcase my industrial design work, painting, sculpture, and 2D design.

However, my design work is definatly my strongest and I was told to try and start and end strong. Should I split up the smaller book into sections? If so do I start with my ID section? I want my folio to have a mostly ID feel to it because my other medias are not quite as strong.

Also, how much time (or pages) should I dedicate to each project? My interview is only 15 minutes, but I’ve heard that “showing process” is the MOST important aspect for them. Does anyone have any good examples of a person showing their process leading up to a finished product?? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance everyone,