Applying for multiple footwear internships

I’ve been posting here a lot and have gotten great responses. My goal this year is to get an footwear design internship. I think that it would be best to apply to a bunch of companies, but was wondering how many sketches/projects I should send to each one. Also, each time I submit my work to a company can I send them designs for other footwear companies or should I only send them designs for their brand.


apply at places besides footwear as well. there are many consultancies (im not sure where you are from). most of which seem to take interns. although these positions are not often advertised, if you send out a portfolio and follow up, you could land a position in a firm that is pretty rounded. maybe they do athletic goods and cool consumer eles or something.

i know yo always mentions his time at Evo when talking about footwear success. i tend to agree. doing things other than footwear will make you a better footwear designer.


Good advice David_

Send only your best, but be sure to visually show your thought process (not a lot of text) as well as a variety of styles (you want to show they can utilize you in any spot they have open and that you can be flexible and help out on something in a jam)

It’s totally fine to submit designs with different brands, in fact I think it is preferable, but show how you worked your design to fit that brand (make sure the brand is not just a logo slapped on, the brand should be an integral part of any design communicating what that brand stands for through product design)

Just a little question along the line; can somebody recommend me a footwear-designers-directory for London/England/UK? The only one I know about is, but it’s not that great…

Furthermore I guess many tutors at Cordwainers/LCF have their own company, so a tutor-list might help too.


Theres not really a directory. You need to contact companies direct. Who do you want to work for? Call directory enquiries, do a Google, find the head office phone number and ring them. Ask for the design manager, or for contact details then send your enquiry.

The consultancies I know of in the UK are really really small, mostly one man bands and some partnerships (like me), so they probably won’t take interns.

The other thing to consider is us consultancies are often very quiet in July and August - my busy times tend to be September to the start of November and March to end of May, I can’t speak for other consultancies but I may be only working one or two days a week when it’s out of season.

I did notice some ID related consultancies on this Directory. They seem bigger than us footwear only specialists - you could try them?

Do you ever look on Gumtree or on Craigslist? I have seen intern positions on there before. You could even advertise yourself.

Thanks for the Craigslist-tip (and sorry for the delay),

The reason why I asked for a directory is to find out who I’d like to work for.
What do you mean by “call directory enquiries”?
I did check Design Directory before, but didn’t find anything interesting.
Gumtree might be better, I even got a job offer on an accommodation-ad. :slight_smile:

Gumetree is crap,a lot of furniture design right there,couldn´t find nothing in two years.

Try design agencies.