Applying for Hitachi's Digital Media Products Division Schol

I am applying for a scholarship to Hitachi’s Digital Media Products Division. I have a few questions, very basic.

potrait portfolio…y not! Is it coz horizontal layout of info doesnt afford onlooker’s assumption that one image is more significant than the other, as in case of a vertical one.

one project… one page. I would ideally want to showcase 1. my approach and process 2. final rendering 3. prototype if any. with 3 years of experience as ID, I feel out of place shoeing details and engg drawings for the heck of it. still, with all thse three things i wanna show what wud u suggest is the ideal page numbers i shud dedicate. if 2, any novel ideas to separate them. I was thinking of a transluscent sheet with project brief and process and then one sheet/2 sheets dedicated to ‘sexy’ perspectives of the product and USER interaction.

Is there any approach I cud take specifically for Hitachi? I have won a design compe. recently and that was a wireless systems design thingie, and of course i have been thinking of ideas, with over 10 competition entries all in interaction design. do i come up with a separate portfolio for that?

really need your opinion on this. Thanks so much guys :slight_smile: