Applying for footwear job in Spain...

Hello All,

I’m a Canadian living in the UK. After doing an MA in Ceramic Design I dabbled in freelance and created a sub-brand for a leading ceramic manufacturer, it’s selling really well. I am continuing to be commissioned by this company, but I am on a lowish royalty. My freelance work is not sustaining me financially so I have decided to apply for job with a Spanish footwear company. I have everything they are asking for except one year of experience in footwear. I have no experience in footwear in fact. English is very important for the job - I speak both Spanish and English fluently and I have experience freelancing for brands of similar stature to the one I am applying to. The name-dropping in my resume is impressive, my forte is in shape design and identifying gaps in the market and developing new ideas. Do you think I have a chance?

Any tips on convincing a footwear comp to take on a ceramic designer? Shall I add some footwear sketches to my portfolio? Or could this work against me?

Thanks guys!
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if you are applying for a footwear job with no footwear experience, I would think you should at the least have some very strong footwear sketches and renderings. Check out some of the work here in the footwear forum from students and aspiring footwear designers to get a feel for the standard you stuff should be at (comparing to others with no professional footwear experience).


BTW, name dropping in your CV is worth nothing, IMHO.