Application vs Interview Portfolio

I have read on a few sites that I should submit an “application” portfolio when I apply for a job, and if called back for an interview, bring a full portfolio.

Currently, I have one portfolio ( a full portfolio) that I submit when applying, and it is the same portfolio I would bring to an interview.

Any advice on this?
Is this “out dated” or taboo?
As an employer, would you be disappointed to see the same portfolio in an interview?
And if this is the best way, what are the differences between an Application portfolio and a Full portfolio?

It’s like the appetizer before the main entrée. You want them to get a taste of your work and get them interested enough to want to see more.

Thanks sketchroll!

So should my teaser portfolio be a totally different layout? Like a comprehensive 1 page with Sketches and a Final shot page… Or can I send a pdf of my “money shots” from my existing portfolio - no sketches, no research? Just an image or rendering. with a title - maybe some text.

I guess, I’m trying to figure out what is the line between showing too much and not showing enough to get the interview, and ultimately, to get hired.