Application Time!-current student input requested...

So here’s my top ten of schools I’m applying to (in order of preference):

1.U of Cincinnati
2. California College of the Arts
3. Pratt
4. Art Center
5. Arizona State
6. Academy of Art
7.Carnegie Mellon
8. Mass College of Art and Design
9.Rochester Institute of Technology
10. New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJ resident)

I am going for a second bachelor’s and am looking for feedback from current students at any of these schools. (I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about UCin which is why it’s at the top!) This list is based on things I am looking for in a school (like affordability, strong design network), portfolios and the input from various threads. I am hoping to do campus visits sometime in the Spring. I am interested in designing a little bit of everything-product, furniture, automotive, medical etc and maybe some interaction.

I know you can’t really compare apples and oranges but I’m leaning more towards a traditional design education as I see myself as more artistic but still like to think about the engineering side of things.

I have a list of 5 long-shots which are either more than I would like to pay for or are overseas. Should I bother applying?

  1. Design Academy Eindhoven
  2. Royal Academy of Art
  3. Stanford
  4. RISD
  5. Syracuse University


List looks good to me, really depends on what your looking for education wise… any school is what you make of it. I know that when I was looking at schools, the campus visits where a huge factor for myself and how I viewed each program, I wish I would have ended up going somewhere else but am extremely happy with the people(other students) I am surrounded by currently. So yeah every situation is different, good luck in the process cheers!

Might want to peruse this thread if you haven’t already.

Most of the schools you mention come up. Also, if you’re after comments on a specific school, do a search for each school and you’ll probably find someone’s opinion on it. This topic comes up pretty frequently this time of year.

Yep, I have definitely done a search for every school on that list…was just looking for more updated comments :slight_smile: