APplication questions, help!

hi all…

so i didn’t realize that my entire application including fafsa is due march 1st if i want to be considered for aid and scholarships. they have a rolling admissions but this does not include fin aid. just found now, and i have not started.


hopefully those of you that have been accepted into ACCD for product design can help me!

i’m applying for fall. i would want summer, but i can’t finish by feb 1st.

  1. “Submit sketches and finished drawings of three or more original product designs … At least one project should show a thorough researching and exploration of a product from beginning through intermediate sketches to a final finished rendering of the product.”
  • here’s what i have so far, i have sketches of maybe 5 furniture designs. i don’t know how to render. BUT i have built all 5 of these designs in real life.
    can i get away without a render and submit my photos of the finished pieces?
  1. how many examples should i submit? it says 3 as a minimum but that seems too little, i was thinking maybe 7-8?

  2. if any of you have any example images or portfolios that were accepted to accd, that would help me so much. i only have 6 weeks, and it would be great to see SOME example of something that was accepted.