Application Portfolio

I am applying for the Altos de Chavon School of Design, in the Dominican Republic, with the intention of studying fashion design. I have till the 15th of June to deposit a portfolio, i started drawing class 1 month ago, and have little prior experience or preparation in drawing. Basically i don’t draw. I am very cerebral, and write about my designs but can’t translate it with a pencil or charcoal. Now i am nervous and starting to panick because i don’t know what i will do to have the portfolio ready on time. The school has about 100 students in total and is competitive

I would appreaciate and be very grateful for any advice /tips on how to set up my portfolio. I know what appeals to me, i am very eclectic in taste, i’m emotional, my inspiration come from a mood, a spirit, at the same time, i love construction, how a piece of clothing is built, how it molds the body, and playing with it, deconstructing and rebuiding. And i am interested in styles that can be seen as opposites, Historcal periods are a source of inspiration, litterature and characters from novels. Music, which i believe really sets the tone of a generation and it’s style (at least since the XX century) Art, paintings, Cultures, Architecture, history of arts, (i am really enjoying my stemming abilities in drawing, and it has changed the way i see the world). Movies. Natural Shapes. Patterns, Emotions, movement. And my interest goes from fashion to interior design, and design in general… I have a very holistic approach to the universe and see things in connection, relation. I find inspiration everywhere and there is so much i want to say and it is extremely frustrating that i don’t know how to picture it in a portfolio. I almost feel like writing an essay and stating in words how i feel. I am scared, of not making it, as Chavon is a great school, affiliated to Parson’s, and for economic reasons the best option for.

Again, i would be forever grateful to the great people of Core77, designers and teachers for any advice, links, reference on how to build the portfolio, how to show what i have inside (it’s embarrassing to ask for advice on how to express myself artistically), tips on how to make a collage, specifically one that show my interests, sensibility, creativity and abilities with color (i am still working with charcoal , ligth/shadow and have not worked with colors yet). How to trigger more creativity and translate what i see for the outside worl to se. Also what are the important characteristics in a good fashion designer.

I stay in expectation of good answers.

Thanks for your time and energy.

I am adding the specifications for the portfolio:

The Portfolio
Applicants should select a portfolio representative of their interests and abilities in art. The portfolio should be composed of ten to twenty pieces that show the applicant’s general ability in drawing, color, and design, as well as any specific interests with emphasis on more recent works. Sketches, preliminary sketches for finished pieces, or thumbnail sketches that represent personal thoughts or reactions to the environment can be valuable components of a portfolio. Any original work that is mailed to the Admissions Office should be a maximum of 16" x 22", unframed. It is strongly suggested that the portfolio be submitted in slide form, accompanied by an inventory detailing the actual size, materials used, and date of completion. Portfolios submitted as part of the admissions process remain the property of the student, who must reclaim the materials within six months.

The Home Exam
All applicants must complete a home exam along with the portfolio. The exam consists of the following four assignments:

  1. Draw a self-portrait in pencil. Do not draw from a photograph.
  2. Construct a color collage representing a landscape.
  3. Draw a still-life composition in pencil.
  4. Submit one of the following:
  • A painting or detailed drawing.
  • A sculpture (presented in picture or slide form).
  • A poster advertising an athletic event.
  • Designs for five outfits as a wardrobe for the tropics.
  • A design layout for a beach house for a family of five.

Work presented for the home exam should be a maximum of 16" x 22", unframed. Slides or photographs may be used for large or bulky pieces, or for portfolios sent through the mail.

The home exam should be submitted to the Admissions Office for review by the Admissions Committee as well as the Financial Aid Committee. The Admissions Committee evaluates each application with the visual evidence in mind, but also considers academic and motivational characteristics that form an integral part of any design school application.