application ideas

hi everyone!

this is my first post at this board.

i’m from austria and want to apply for industrial design or product design schools in austria and germany. ← here is some work of mine i want to put into my application portfolio.

what do you guys think about.

please give me every feedback which can hep to improve my work.

do you think is there a chance to get into a school with stuff like that?

please help me and tell me all your critics.

thanks an goodby


ps: sorry for bad english

Very good for someone who is not in a program yet. Most schools want to see some sketching abilities as well.

thanks yo.

i now also put some scribbles on the page. i know handscetching and drawing is my weak point but anyway: critecise me. only thing the pushes me forward.



Recognizing you need to improve is the first step. Drawing is a skill just like CAD modeling. It requires hours of practice to begin to develop that skill. Once you start to have the ability to sketch your ideas there is no faster way to visually communicate to other people.

On the screwdriver. The form is very organic, but the details (controls) are very geometric. I think the details should match the overall form.

Thanks for posting…Your work is great for someone not in school…I would encourage you to take some basic sketching/life drawing classes to help with your sense of perspective and use of contrast in your sketching… If you are interested I can put together a short list of “design tools” that will help you get started… Let me know…

thanks for your replys guys! it’s great that you like my work.

thanks for comments. you are abbsolutly right. and i tryed to make the controls more organic but i’m still not satisfied with them.

i’m very happy that you like the stuff. it would be great if you put together a list. i need every help i can get… (stil nervous about passing the entrance tests and portfolio).



How are you…Let me know what school you are planning on attending and we can put together a list based on their needs/requirements…

Take care


i want to apply at least at:

#)fh joanneum graz / A–> my favorite school: it’s my hometown, only 16 students every year are accapted, 200-400 apply, good conections to audi…

#) Kunstuniversität Linz / A

#) UDK Berlin / Ger

#) HFBK Hamburg / Ger

#) HFK Bremen / Ger

#) Angewandte Wien (Applied arts Vienna) / A

unfortunately i dont have enough money für british and us schools… and they are really expansive…

about the entrance tests:
FH joanneum wants a portfolio without any specifications… than a theoratic test about math skills, logical stuff and so an. and last a verbal discussion about the portfolio

hfbk hamburg only wants the portfolio

the rest wants the portfolio → a practical scetching/designing test → discussion about art/design/portfolio

at the moment i’m in berlin where i will get some “homework” to do, which the will evaluate…

i’m really afraid of the practical tests because my scetching by hand is really poor and i have no idea about the niveau of the others…
and the tests will be in june so time is short to improve…

you also have to know i’m quite old for a new start at an education:
24, already finished german language and literature at university with BA and worked as composer and musician for theaters.
so i dont think i have the perfect background to get into a school…

but however, hope never dies


Education is timeless. So dont worry about your age.Sounds like you have a great understanding of where you want to go and the benefits of each school. Now the next part is to believe in your abilities. Schools do not expect you to be perfect. You are there to learn and grow. They want to see potential. You clearly have potential and you are seemingly very intelligent. Just give yourself a boost of confidence and you will be fine. Anything worth having is hard to obtain. But with faith all things are possible…

thx jay-carter,
it feels good to get some positive feedback…

i’m now working on some naturalistic drawings. and i’ll post them as soon as possible.

now i’m in a better mood for my application.
that also helps at working on my stuff.
fear of failing isn’t helpfull.

so thanks again, and we’ll read us soon.


i started working on the layout of my portfolio.
so here is my first idea.

i think the cover looks a bit feminin but somehow i like it…
it is in german, but maby u can give me some feedback about the layout.



Hi Josmot,

First of all great work, this is very good for someone who hasn’t even started studying yet.

I do find the yellow border and the font you use for large titles a bit distracting.

The car page is good but feels a bit crowded and a shame you didn’t try real handwriting and hand renderings.

Having said that it’s a lot better than the application i submitted!

Good luck



thx for your comments. great that you like it.

*) about the yellow bars:
i thought this could be my CI of the portfolio, cause everywhere i read that you need something that aesthetically links all projects together.
why dont you like it exactly, i thought the yellow is quite subtyl?

*) about the font: i think you are right. i’ll try to find a better one.

*)about handwriting: hm… i’ll try, but i fear by hand it will become too jerkily

*) about handrenderings: i tryed that, but in a way it wasnt looking good. in comparison to the computerstuff it looked poor. computer is much more “high polished”

thx on your coment,
and @everyone else: please also give me one


Hey Josmot

I really appreciate your interest in design.

I have to say - I have the same problem. I’m 23 and even last year I was found “a bit too old” to start studies again. It seems like some mid-european age prejudice or discrimination :slight_smile:

But I’m going to study again.

Good luck

hy everyone.

so… time of work is over now i have to wait.

if you are interested in the final portfolio i sent to some schools, you can download it here:

i hope you all will like it and it would be great to get some final feedback.

thx for all your help
read you soon

ps: you dont have to right-click… :wink:

ok, noone has to say something to that stuff.

i passed the first round for application in bremen/ger and fh-joanneum graz/austria with the portfolio and an homework (you still can have a look at it at the link in my last post :unamused: ).

so today i’ll go to bremen where i have to get through the tests.
wish me luck!


good luck man, I’m sure you will do fine.


i’m in…

now the second school accepted me.

so i’ll stay in graz, the school i ranked top in my private educationlist.

thx to all of you.
i am sooooo happy…!

read you soon