Application for Graduate study in Industrial Design in USA

Hi,I am an applicant for MFA in ID.So far to now,I still have no admission.Is there anyone who applied for 2007 fall have got an offer.Any information is appreciated.
I have applied for CCA RIT UIUC …
Advice on the colleges is also appreciated


your probably a month early for grad school admissions notices - hang in there.

hey, I’m waiting on CCA and RIT as well for graphic design (within the same department). CCA mentioned that I shouldn’t expect to hear anything official before March 9th when they confirmed that my app was complete, and RIT says it takes 4-6 weeks to process an application. RIT’s priority deadline hasn’t even passed yet- I’m overnighting my portfolio and GA/TA applications today.

I know it’s hell to wait, but we’ve got several more weeks to go before we can reasonably expect any word.

Do you still prepare your portfolio for schools?how is going on?
It is disappointed that many universities recruit only one or two students in 2007 fall.Hope I am one of the lucky

CCA initiated an new program in 2007 fall I like very much which integrates industrial and interactive design.I do not know whether you applied for the same program as me.

Waitting is hardest …

just got the last portfolio off to RIT last night, so it’s a relief to have that done.

We’re definitely applying to the same program- at CCA, graphic, industrial, and interactive design are all together, and you can combine them pretty much however you wish. I’m applying to do a graphic/industrial program with them (mostly focused on exhibit & environmental design). For RIT I applied for an MFA Graphic Design with an industrial design minor. I’m very curious about the system of minors at RIT- usually that is something done in undergrad, not grad school, so I’m unsure of what reactions would be when you tell an employer that you minored in something in grad school.

I hear you about funding… I’ve applied to six schools total, in hopes that one of them will come through with a good sized scholarship.

cooperation and competition
Actually,I find interactive design more interesting and attractive as I’ve done some of my weppage design works.I concentrated on the graphic and interactive design during my undergra in china with a degree of industrial design,However my graduate study indeed focusd on industrial design

How about to show your portflios?And we would make progress when we communicate with each other not only on the schools but also on our professional works.

I haven’t updated my online portfolio yet… unfortunately applying to six different schools means I had to do six different portfolios, because they all had different requirements! I’ll let you know when I do get updated.

which 6 universities did you apply for?

CCA, RIT, Pratt, MICA, UW, and SCAD

Have you received a letter from RIT,what’s the meaning of this email?

RIT wishes you a happy and healthful Spring Festival and New Year! Zhu ni chun jie kuai le! Xin Nian Kuai le!

Graduate Enrollment Services is pleased to have received your application for one of RIT’s 70+ world-renowned, cutting edge graduate programs and hopes for a favorable admission decision for you. In the meantime, please consider participating in the China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET), from March 3-18, and meet RIT’s Graduate Enrollment representative there. Please refer to for specific city location dates and information. For additional information on RIT at this time, please refer to or contact to ask specific questions.

RIT hopes to see you at CIEET, as well as at RIT, in the future!

nope, but then again I’m in California, not China. :laughing:

aghh! Only one week until CCA is supposed to respond. I’m going a little crazy waiting… have you heard from either school yet?

I am disappointed…
I have been denied by UMICH, UIUC, Utexas
I hope financial aid could be available because I do not have enough money…
CCA will issue an announcement in the third week of March.They told me…

RIT have no news…
scad either…
and UIC will have in the April

However ASU will give me a decision next week,the professor told me that I am on an applicant list who will most likely be offered an admission.Hope so…

I am frustrated…And you?

I’ve been invited for an interview at the University of Washington, so I’m in the final round of that one at least. I’m trying to keep myself happy by planning my trip to Seattle. But I haven’t heard either yes or no from any of the schools.

Strange thing about CCA… I got an email a while ago from the director of graduate admissions that said:

“I am pleased to inform you that we have received your application to
CCA’s graduate program and it has been put into review. We anticipate
notifying all applicants of admission decisions by Friday, March 9.”

I wonder why the discrepancy in dates. Maybe it’s an international vs. local thing, and they told you a later date to leave time for international post?

I just noticed you mention SCAD- I’m applying there as well. When was your application completed and sent to review? Based on my review date, this friday is the absolute earliest I could expect to hear from them, but most likely later.

So you’ve applied to: CCA, RIT, SCAD, UIUC, UT, and UMich… Are there any others?

passers, just to let you know, a friend of mine called CCA today and their decisions are being put in the mail today. So however long post takes to get from San Francisco to you, that’s how long you have to wait.

In other news, I got accepted at Savannah today.

Hi,so long before I am back in university
I have nothing new at all recently only with three denied letters sent to my dorm.

and you?

I applied for ASU,U of Notre Dame,UIC SFSU besides the ones above

Congradualations on your admission to scad ,as far as I know SCAD has given many admissions to chinese students because they expanded the inrollment。。。

Good luck!
PS:I have not received any letters from CCA yet.Does admission letters be sent in ordinary mail,I mean,not express?However I do not know.

no idea how they post it internationally. You got your packet yet? Mine arrived last monday. Happy to be in, but disappointed that financial aid information (as well as merit scholarhips, I called to ask) doesn’t come out until April.

Until now,I have been admitted by UIC and ASU
The financial aid is still reviewed by the faculty from UIC
Asu is the same…
I am also waitting for the offer from ND(Notre Dame)…
Happy to acknowledge that after receiving 4 rejections

Congratulations! ASU’s a beautiful campus.

I made it into UW as well, and right now it’s looking like that’s where I’ll end up, as it’s the best combination of academics and finances for me.