Apple's Role in Japan during the Tohoku Earthquake

Another interesting article from Kevin Rose, founder of Digg

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I literally have tears in my eyes after reading that post.
And am stumbling for words, as I can’t exagerate my respect for a team
of business leaders that obviously was successful in the global roll out
of business ethics that resemble the best mom and pop shops down the
We really strive to care for our employees, but being a small business
makes it much easier.
Stacking food, drinks and camp beds for hundreds of employees in
advance reads heroic. As Apple is a publicly traded compony I wonder
how they cover up the expenses for keeping up the neccessary structures
and I’d bet the preparations in California are no less than in Japan.

It’s descriptive that a global company cares for you better than your
local authorities.


Totally sounds like a fake email. Written exactly the same tone as tons of crazy fanboy comment posts on engadget or gizmodo.