Apple's next iPhone

This thing looks like it’s for real.

What do we think of the ID? I have to say, I think it fits in better with the design of Apple’s computers. At the same time though, doesn’t it look a little too HTC-ish?

It certainly has a better fit into their brand design language and product family with this new aesthetic. Very Braun / Rams of the 70s. I’m a fan of thew new design, the glass rear will create some interesting features I’m sure.

Another point that hasn’t been mentioned yet, the flattened edges made from aluminum will allow you to stand or prop the phone on its side so you can set it down to perform a bit of video-chatting (presumably). Even on the right surface, it would be somewhat hard to prop the 3G/S up and feel comfortable with it not slipping away if bumped.

Huge fan of this. It really does evoke the new language at Apple, almost like a mini MacBook Pro feeling to it.

I’m really excited about this revelation from the article, because I’ve never felt comfortable holding an iPhone. Maybe now I’ll actually get one.

How it feels

Freaking amazing. As a person who never really liked the round mound of a back in the 3GS, the sleeker, flatter, squarer design is super welcome. It feels sturdier than the 3GS, and much less plasticky. The metal buttons give it a heftier feel—less of a toy—than all previous generations. The closest analog to it would be the original iPhone, which is more square and heavy than its newer brothers.

It feels completely natural up to your face, and the fact that both the front and the back are glossy makes no difference on how well you can hold it without the phone slipping. And because it’s thinner, it feels even nicer in your pants.

I love the back-story about how it was found in a bar - and then dissected for the whole world to see on a gadget blog, months before it’s formal introduction.

Steve Jobs is probably having a guillotine constructed for the poor Apple employee who had too much to drink one night…

Or it went exactly as he had planned. The conspiracy theorist inside me wants to think there’s no way this was “lost” in a bar.

I’ll withhold final judgment till I can hold one but I’m just not drooling over this. Totally agree it fits their design language much better now, and it seems to be much thinner overall, but the slight offset of the face and back, the break lines in the AL middle band, the dual circular vol buttons…I just wish it was even cleaner.

I’m feeling it! I still have my gen 1 iPhone, so ready for the new one for sure. I wonder if it was an accidental drop or what. Either way, they have an opportunity to play it off well PR wise. I’m hoping the size is good and the sharp edges don’t wear permanent crease lines in your jeans, but still likening the detailing a lot. I wonder if they have updated the earbuds? Black and aluminum earbuds to match would be nice.

Can you imagine being someone on the fence between an iPhone and another Blackberry right now? I think that’s the real reason why we’re seeing this 6 months early. Yet another dig at all the competition. Get them salivating over this design and say, nope I’ll wait until this comes out to buy another smartphone.

I’m with Brett on this. I see it and it doesn’t do anything for me, like really nothing. I couldn’t get excited but I didn’t think it was ugly either.

I really like the 3g design, the nice contoured edges make it really obvious which side is supposed to stay up when you pull it out of your pocket to put it down (grab one try it once and you can do it with your eyes closed forever, that’s good design!), and when you go to pick it up it’s exceptionally easy to do so because of the undercut bottom… So I’m not into the flat sides. Besides you’d have to put it on something at eye level to make setting it down worthwhile, may as well hold it.

I do like the dual camera idea though, I’m a little surprised they didn’t do this sooner.

I have to wonder with the better antenna, better screen, did they negate the increased battery life?

some good side by side shots here with 3Gs

That’s the shot that sold it for me.

I know there’s plenty of ID differences but I can’t help but be reminded of this guy…which I know first hand to be a garbage product.

Or it went exactly as he had planned. The conspiracy theorist inside me wants to think there’s no way this was “lost” in a bar.

My thoughts exactly.

But why “stage” an early introduction? An Apple new product unveiling is bigger than electing a new Pope. If they wanted to push the intro date up they would have done it. The “lost” phone was encased to disguise it as a 3GS. I think this was the work of a dumbass and not a PR machine.

Engadget apparently found theirs in San Jose. Apple should really make sure their fanboys get their stories straight before they rev up the rumor mill.

But why “stage” an early introduction? An Apple new product unveiling is bigger than electing a new Pope. If they wanted to push the intro date up they would have done it. The “lost” phone was encased to disguise it as a 3GS. I think this was the work of a dumbass and not a PR machine.

I thought about this too and wondered…

Though, just because the new Pope is announced, doesn’t mean everyone buys into him.

However, I read this theory on another site and it made a whole lot of sense. Cell phones are temporary investments for the average consumer. Most people keep them for around a year, some less, some more. If Apple can generate enough salivation via photos (no reviews on usability as Apple remotely deactivated it), people might not hold onto their existing phones or Blackberries, in preparation to purchase for the new iPhone or in hopes that it might be available to Verizon/other providers. But if someone drops $300-$400 on their new Blackberry this month or next month, that customer will likely have enough time to be comfortable with the product and hesitant to cancel that 2 contract they just signed due to the fees. Just some theories, but they make good sense.

I figure, if the phone was actually “lost” - why are they giving it to some jerk employee who is going to clearly get drunk enough to forget the phone? Being recovered at a bar unveils a pretty obvious story to the reader, without even having to write it. Guy gets drunk, forget phone, got it. What are the chances this guy is going to take this no-joke priceless piece of technology to a bar… and forget it? And again, lets say he did. You find $100 on the ground, that $100 is yours. If you find $30,000 in a briefcase, it is your legal responsibility to return it, or hand it over to the authorities. Just because you find a Bugatti filled with never-before-seen Van Goghs in the middle of the woods with the keys in the ignition, it doesn’t mean its yours either. If this phone was actually lost, Apple would be all over it, rightly demanding their property back and demanding that the websites be taken down, with severe consequences if not followed through.

And hell, we’re talking about it. Not even just the product, but the story, then back to the product, repeat. Seems to be working well.

Still a theory, but that is my reasoning.



And then a twitter link to some guy?

What does this post mean? I can’t find any links of value or posts on that twitter account that are relevant, other than links previously posted.

Not trying to be a jerk here, but… what?

Either way, pr-stunt or not, it gets the job done… Made the weekend so much more interesting!

If it is a pr stunt:
They should definitely get some kind of award for it.

If its the real deal:
I personally like that they are moving away from the 3G design. Never fancied it, as neither mbp or iphone.
This form is definitely more compelling to me, however, it is a little generic. Remove the home button and the logos, and it could be almost any brand. My first thought went to Sony, but i think its because i intrepeted it as having a kind of midnight blue color.

What is a bit strange to me is that they are really breaking up the overall appearance, and very apple’ish signums, with some pretty hefty splitlines, and the glass panels not being flush with the alu frame.

+1 for the conspiracy theory - no way a real one could have gotten away

If it is an incognito coverset, it’s not surprising that it’s more elegant than other phones. They don’t seem to do anything halfway