Hmm, you can tell Jonny I’ve is not there
What is that remote for appleTV! Hideous! And why does it have a power button?
And the new iMac look nice, but those colours! Awful
Wow, what a difference

The current touchpad apple TV is hot garbage (can’t tell what side is up and always press the touchpad by mistake), so I welcome the return to real buttons but that new one is um…

Power button is a strange thing indeed.

New iMacs look nice. I kinda dig the form and the colors. I can see them doing well.


I’m glad they kept the iMac pricing where it was before, not having to pay Intel probably saves some money.

My wife’s Apple mouse requires it to be turned upside down to be plugged in, rendering it useless for hours on end (pre-exit of Ive, so no excuse there).
And…her iPad pencil requires you to remove this tiny little cap to charge the pencil (which seems to require charging more often than it is in use). Good luck not losing that little cap.

Yup. Stupid. Never really understood that. Just as easy I’d think to plug in a mouse and use it “corded”?

Or perhaps he’s the reason? Practicality of physical objects have never had the highest weighting in Apple’s QFD matrix…

Perhaps the power button is for the TV? My biggest annoyance with ATV when I last used it (v3) was needing 2 remotes. One for TV - power and volume, and ATV for ATV… I for one welcome this new version if it gets rid of the TV remote.

I’ve been a big fan of the Roku TVs for their single remote solution. And the Roku app works great as well - along with private listening so I can blast action movies late at night without waking up the kids or wife! lol

It supports HDMI switching so if you turn that feature on your TV, one power push will turn everything off.

The current remote also does this if you long push on the “TV” button, but I think most people just don’t know that.

I love have the physical power button and a return to the old remote construction. I’ve never had a great experience with the touch remote and like tab, I always pick it up upside down.

Use of recycled materials throughout is great and minimizing waste through geometry (no machined complex curve on the back of the iMac anymore, that must have wasted a lot of metal). I think we are seeing the benefits of a supply chain executive leading the company. One processor across all these products. It feels like we might be a generation or two away from having a single product. Drop it on a stand and its an iMac, pop on a keyboard cover and it’s a MacBook, just take it to go and it’s an iPad.

I find it funny that everyone hates the touchpad one and thinks they will prefer this one. We still use the one that has the circle control on it like the above one and find it terrible. It’s frustrating to do the left or right movement, particularly when inputting a password, and really needs a nipple on both sides I think just to help with location. It is terrible at trying to input a password with and for everything I reckon you are just better off using your phone.

The remote still has gesture controls, I would assume that allows you to still quickly navigate between letters.

I love the touch remote. AppleTV is really the only way I watch TV these days because I prefer the interface (plus Ted Lasso…) And it seems like a miss that they took away the gyroscope and accellerometer inside, too. There are some fun games on AppleTV. Unless they’re pivoting to using your phone or iPad as a controller (or synced Xbox or PS controller?)

Dig the new iMacs, and new iPad Pros, though.

I think the iMac looks like a Surface desktop now. Remote looks like a knock-off of the original one. Kinda sad.

Poolside finishing at the beach!!!

Whoa!..imagining Olympic pool sized anodization acid baths somewhere in China…several for each color. Would love to see the equally vast precision sand blasting beach setup.

My calculations say <10% material utilization on the base part. That yellow is unprecedented! Yum!

Design assembly by Fusion360. Completed with edits in <30 minutes…

iFixit did a few teardown and repair assessments of the ‘Spring Loaded’ event that are worth a read. Repairability was evidently not improved, it wasn’t a priority. Missed opportunity IMO.

Is that a HEADPHONE PORT on the left side??

It’s not heavily promoted but you can order a new VESA mount ready iMac directly from Apple, same price and all. It solves the lack of height adjustment.

Hmmm. That is interesting. Seems unexpected for them.