apple wheel de bomb or de bust

love to see a type off using the new apple wheel vrs a querty keyboard. I think its just great for dicking about, but for communication, naw i dont see it.

umm…i think that was a joke.


for those who don’t know what he’s talking about, soon to be a classic

It’s kind of funny, but obviously made by people who don’t really know the convenience of stuff like OSX, etc.

Thats hilarious. Pretty elaborate joke too.

“It remains to be seen if the wheel will catch on in the business world where people use computers for actual work, and not just dicking around”. So biased. But funny.

Ha! Did anyone manage to read any of the suggested sentences starting “The a…”? Pure gold!

“I’ll buy anything as long as it’s shiny and made by apple…I like how it tells people ‘sent from a macbook wheel,’ so people know you have one”

hahahhahaha onion love

I finally got that video to work. It wouldn’t load on the Onion’s site (weird).

Glad I saw it! I want to forward this to every client who ever said, “Make it like an iPod”. hehe.

Excellent !
Just love it.

They should’ve announced it at Mac world…mightve added some interest to the snooze fest of software announcements.

That predictive text is great.

i was like no way… they did not just make one. did any one happen to see the video on flying cars? hilarious

yeah, I thought that one was pretty good, timely.

Did anyone catch the Sudoku joke at the end?
“The Sudoku killer will kill either 1, 4, or 9 victims next”

Haha yea! That was pretty funny.

The whole site is pretty good. Thanks for sharing it!