apple vs pc

Just want to know what you guys work with Apple or PC? Currently I’m using a PC due to extensive CAD work
such as Pro E, Rhino…

How well do these run on an Apple computer. I’ve been thinking to change to apple just for the hell of it but I’m not
sure if it’s a wise move. Basically I love apples UI

Any suggestions?


I use a Mac (laptop) and love it but also have to use Parallels to emulate Windows 7 for Solidworks and Rhino. There is a nice free beta of Rhino 5 for Mac, although I haven’t used it too much because the renderer (Vray-Rhino) is for Windows only. It is nice being able to jump between Windows and Mac, but I have heard of Bootcamp being a lot quicker . . . Parallels can be slow since it is running Windows and Mac at the same time, especially with some of the more intensive computer-intensive parts of CAD.

Thanks to my awesome studio director I have two rigs, an iMac and a custom-built PC. I grew up on Windows, but in just a couple of years I am a complete Mac convert. All of my day-to-day needs, which consist mainly of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, are much better suited for the Mac environment. The amount of time saved in file management alone makes the Mac worth it. I use the PC for is 3d modeling and rendering (Solidworks, Rhino and Vray), and it’s extremely efficient to be able to set up a render and let it run while I slide back to my Mac and keep working.

Choose your components wisely and you can put together a powerhouse CAD machine for a relatively low price. Just $1000 can get you quite a bit. If you have the cash, I’d highly recommend this option.

I will admit that my rig at home is a PC only because I wanted to build it myself, and I don’t feel confident enough in my software ability to build a working hackintosh.

Bootcamp is considerably faster. But seems to be buggy with some drivers on some programs. Even Illustrator and Photoshop.

If your mainly will be running CAD in bootcamp (I wouldn’t bother with Parallels or similar for CAD) I would def. go for PC in stead. Also keep in mind that some CAD programs will not support all graphic cards 100% (I’ve encountered some issues with Solidworks in bootcamp on my MBP, I guess if you go for a Mac Pro you have more choice of GPUs).

For now the choice of CAD in OS X is limited and not perfect: AutoCAD (not really used in ID as far as I know), Rhino (if they ever get out of Beta), Alias (feels like a lazy port and doesn’t give the ‘Mac feel’ at all, well I found it awkward at least), Solidthinking … and those are the main options I can remember off the top of my head.

maybe I’ll just go with a Mac Book Pro for travelling and some PS work. It sounds kinda silly but it just looks better when presenting.