Apple using Pro/E

I just saw a job posting that Apple is looking for an ME with Pro/E experiance. WTF Does that mean they could possibly use Pro/E on a mac? I remember the days when Dell used SGI workstations and Intel would not think to use Pro/E till 1993 per relese 10 of Pro/E on a PC.

Apple Computer, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

so you think engineers and industrial designers at apple actually use macs…lol, i gaurantee they all have pc’s…so ironic, but so true.

proE, solidworks, alias, rhino…unless they all run cobalt then PC it is.

Interesting. I assumed they were using UG on Macs:

Though if Pro/E were developed for OSX, I personally might consider switching.

Pro/e and other CAD software is the one thing that prevents me from getting an Apple desktop. I won’t go Apple portable until they get a Tablet. I am actually surprised that they haven’t explored the Tablet realm.

I would love to see all the 3D engineering/design software available on a Mac. I would be curious as to how that might change the playing field.

Apple designs in UG and Alias on Linux boxes. I suppose proE would work even better in this environment than a Windows box.