Apple tidbits

  1. Samsung and Apple revealed sales last week. Here is something interesting:

Samsung has nearly $6B in profits and a market cap of $118B

Apple has nearly $9B in profits and a market cap of $600B

Isn’t it interesting how much more that extra $3B seems to be worth to the market? 33% more profit gets you 500% more investment.

  1. Steve Jobs yacht has been revealed. Is it just me, or is it gaudy, ugly and like something a 1980’s coke dealer would sail?

Of course it’s horrible. That disgusting excuse for a designer, who thinks his profession is “worthless” (from his TED talk) and who has no qualms about using Stingray hides as wallpaper (as seen here), has designed it.

What I’m most surprised about is how Mr. Jobs could choose that piece of filth for that commission in the first place.

Don’t think it’s gaudy at all. Straight lines and geometrical forms over typical extravagant swoopy yachtiness. Having just returned from Japan, I think it resembles japanese housing in forms and white/brown color theme.

Having said that, I don’t think it’s especially good looking…

PS. Note the Apple monitor row on top floor…

all of this apple talk is getting borderline obsessive (and a little boring)

The yacht is pretty nice. Most yachts are actually pretty ugly, or at best just bland. This one is interesting. It is essentially a piece of architecture sitting on a hull. The hull has some interesting details as well, and the massive windows in it are highly unique.

Eobit, turn the rhetoric down. Stark has faults like the rest of us, but he has managed to help raise awareness for design and has produced some iconic products over the span of his career that will be remembered. When he has an off day and says something stupid it is in a TED talk, when you or I do the same thing, it is in here and to a pretty limited audience :wink:

Core is beginning to look like the bathroom walls. :laughing:

Market cap is monopoly money anyway, pretty much only used for newspapers to make headlines from.

+1 on not minding the boat. I mean, it’s disgustingly ostentatious and OTT, but what super-yacht isn’t? Would I be stoked if it was mine? Damn straight.

I can’t believe i missed the new iMac due to the hype of the iPad mini. I wish they had backed the base off a bit - it outweighs the computer visually and is less structurally relevant (as the computer dropped 8lbs), but otherwise: stunning.

Thanks Yo for stepping in, moderately.
The Yacht made the news rounds here today. Could be the real Jobs/ Starck thing.
Interesting as it is different. In some views looks like a minimalist japanese
building floating on water maried to an ice-breaker. Is this appropriate aesthetics
for a yacht? Can you live on it while out on the ocean or is it made to be moored?

I’d like to inspect it in person.
On the subject of Jobs commissioning an object like that. How can you be
surprised? If I read his autobiography right he was (sadly) a typical child
of the baby boomer generation, that is also called “generation me”. (Or
generation I.) All that talk about social and ecological awareness. Was just
that, mostly talk.


I never said I was surprised.

A chromed anchor…really?

Starck has his goofy aesthetic that shows through in this yacht exterior more than the yacht A. Vertical lines with little relief. The chrome bow makes me cringe a little.

Desktop computer monitors arranged across a bridge deck and visible from the outside, sits wrong with me. For the millions of dollars you could have designed and fabricated the most amazing bridge, to transcend time and be one of a kind and represent the brand, and your legacy. These are out of place and already represent an era that is passing.

I want to see Sir Ive’s sketches for the yacht he would have designed, you know they exist.

A floating house looks just as wrong as a ship used as a building (e.g. riverboat casinos). Steve Jobs sure was an odd cat. It’s hard to reconcile all the vegan-buddhist-hippy stuff with a hundred million dollar boat to hang around Monaco in. Strange, but whatever.

More interestingly, I read yesterday that they fired Scott Forstall and put Ive in charge of UI and interaction for iOS. If he doesn’t drop all the fake leather and green felt skeumoporphic crap in the next update, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

Scott: That’s probably what disappoints me the most. I’d expect Jobs to have a smaller yacht that was just wickedly well designed.

Is this appropriate aesthetics
for a yacht? Can you live on it while out on the ocean or is it made to be moored?

Like most super yachts, Job’s 260 foot Venus is a Harbor Queen. You can live on it if you’re crew on the way to the next port of call.

The marine press noted that every craftsman associated with the construction of this vessel received an inscribed iPod Shuffle from the Job’s family

Scott: That’s probably what disappoints me the most. I’d expect Jobs to have a smaller yacht that was just wickedly well designed.

Like Finland’s new 64 ft Presidential Yacht the Kultaranta VIII? Intended for use at the president’s summer residence

Like the “i” anything, the knockoff “Wally” chiseled-form is becoming a bit tiresome to me. Clever work, but nothing really “oceanic” about them; the horizon isn’t straight, straight lines don’t belong on water, imo.

Wally’s latest,

I much prefer the tradition form like

The Potomac (converted to a yacht from the former USCG cutter Electra) Roosevelt’s Presidential yacht.

A non designer friend pointed out that the Venus yacht is a stack of iPads. The Guardian called it a stack of Apple products. I completely missed it.

This feels very odd now. It becomes like a designer prank. Screwymorphic. I cannot figure out whether intended target of the prank was the client, or the 99.99%, or the 0.00001%, or design critics buying into this product as something to even be considered. It might be the emperors new clothes.

Saw the “A” yacht this week in Mallorca, impressive, however also saw a yacht called Bartender, formerly Nomade, which left a bigger impression. This would have been an excellent basis for a 80 meter mega scaling. It is the stripped down essence of a ship, clean flush connections, all of the necessary elements, and a minimal Braun-like aesthetic.

Look at the full scale image for the clean details.

Slideshow here.

Steve Jobs Yacht design is sober. I am not convinced with architectural/building design approach…But PS has designed with differential factor from others. (my opinion might change if I see it personally …because of its scale. :sunglasses: )

Chisel designs gives richness, exclusiveness (at the same time, little introvert from outer world/sea…)
Interesting Code-X design Code-x Yacht

Chisel designs gives richness, exclusiveness


Like the “i” anything, the knockoff “Wally” chiseled-form is becoming a bit tiresome to me.

Motor yachts blow… you want to impress me with a “boat” corporate, green, America? Show me you know what a yacht really is. Hint: it isn’t supposed to be a floating hotel.

Mirabelle V
247 ft. LOA

219 Ft. LOA, carbon fiber hull.

Vertigo >
220ft. LOA

Should the title of this topic be changed?

Show me you know what a yacht really is.

I wasn’t talking about Yacht here…its Chisel style & projected characteristics…
It is a different approach adopt by many designers to bring distinguish nature in this category.

yes. Up to the OP.

Suggest “Steve Jobs - Philip Starck Yacht Design”

Suggest “Steve Jobs - Philip Starck Yacht Design”

can you say, “oxymoron”. … . . .?

Fair enough.

“What 1.35 Million $ build cost per meter * 80 meter + 6% Starck fee buys”