Apple PhotoBooth mask series


I’m working on a series of Apple inspired photo booth masks, The first was so successful that I am am currently running a little kickstarter to begin a series.

Apple’s Photo Booth application is entry-level face-stretching inspiration for millions of Mac owners. In the hands of a trained professional, it’s… frankly, freaking everybody out.

Mark Pernice’s ‘Mask’ is the result of taking design off the page and dragging it kicking and screaming (and also drooling) into the real world. What began as an exercise to teach his in-laws how to use their iMac ended in a project that Fast Company called “delightfully horrible” and Gizmodo called “almost divine grotesqueness.”

“I was showing my wife’s parents around their new iMac and had to show them Photo Booth… Because of course, that’s the first thing you do when introducing someone to a Mac,” Pernice says. “When looking back at the bizarre images, I thought it would be equally weird to see them actually in front of me.”

To achieve that, he took his twisted doppelganger to sculptor Christian Hanson, who made Pernice’s dream come true. In latex.

“The idea was to take the 2D image that Photo Booth manipulated and create a tangible face in a real environment then, in turn, bring it back into a 2D image,” Pernice says. While ‘Photo Booth Mask’ may be the first in a series, there’s one idea Mark is resistant to. “Using Photo Booth on the mask itself. It may create some sort of paradoxical shift where I cease to exist.”

Right - that’s freaky!

:wink: I like the concept but wouldn’t want to run into this guy in a dark alley!