Apple Mini Mac & iPod shuffle

eh… Apple, Im impressed.
especially with the shuffle.

What do you guys think? Post some pictures if you can.

I agree- ordered a shuffle yesterday.

I’m hoping that the plastic quality makes it a little jewel.

I think I prefer the big boy version. The interface of a flash mp3 player is a little too random for me. I like to choose my preferred playlist instead of blasting through a pile of tunes to get to what I really wanted to listen to.

I guess there is a time and place for this type of player. The price alone will probably draw more than a few into the I-Pod world.

I have a question about this new ipod. When it is plugged into the computer can you organize the tracks? What I mean is do they show up in the itunes menu listed by name?

I have a question about this new ipod. When it is plugged into the computer can you organize the tracks? What I mean is do they show up in the itunes menu listed by name?

I don’t think so… hence the name Ipod “shuffle” its all random

I really hope that is not the case. If it only plays randomly it means that the designers could not adapt the flash technology to the specific needs of mp3s users and were not abel to integrate the technology with itunes. the iPod is successful due to its operating system. So many companies have big storage mp3 devices on the market but none have come close to competing with apple on how it integrated the system software into our daily life.

It’s not all random, it can play songs in-order in playlists you set up ahead of time with iTunes.

This is a great UI in my opinion… A perfect match for a small-storage device where having a display is really gratuitous. As long as song-switching is super-quick, it’s practically just as easy to navigate from track to track.

The only change I might propose is a press-and-hold feature that will skip from playlist to playlist or album-to-album.

some pics for ya-

looks hot- the only thing is that the white material that is made up of the ipod shuffle sukks cuz it gets soo scratched so easily. but the minimal design of both these new products is just amazing. i am getting a shuffle-but sucks with the 240 song-1GB. with it could hold more.

yje mac mini- is great it has to versions a 40GB and 80GB I believe. this and a 20inch screen what a great desktop. and not too expensive-does add up tho once you add the keyboard…etc.

My question is do you think now because of these lower prices it will grab some pc users-who never bought mac-mainly because of dinero $$$. ??? it is a lot more afordibel now-and teh design is still tops-just wondering if it will make that break thro…

affordable -wow i dont even kno what that spells above-“afordibel”

need to take typing class

Thanks for the clarification, I did not think Mac would drop the ball like that. I am going to order the ipod shuffle next week. I may even order the new imac and use it at home as my multimedia / gameing center!

I would love to be ga-ga over the mini’s innerds as i am about the form and size. IF they had a g5 processor in there not a g4 i would of ordered one yesterday. There are some other details that bothered me as well, it only has audio in port(left out for size im sure) and the ethernet card is not gigabit (slower dl rates).

I guess i just wanted my cake and to eat it too…and with apple i almost always expect that to happen

Just an FYI, but we were playing with these over two years ago:

Only $260 for the barebones version!

That pic helped a lot, dygitalvision.
So i’ve made up my mind to get the shuffle.

I have a question about this new ipod. When it is plugged into the computer can you organize the tracks? What I mean is do they show up in the itunes menu listed by name?

Im guessing that you can organize the tracks, cos if you see the picture, theres a slider with two options, Play in order and Shuffle songs.

What do you guys think about the size. According to the picture, its 3.6" by 0.98". So how is the relationship between the control pad and the thumb gonna be? If anyone has tried it, please comment.

i am not sure but I thibk it should be fine-but i think it was alos thought of to be less handled-and more left as an accessory-like on the arm or as a necklace-which is cool-it has its shuffle idea and that fits because u leave it alone and it in away does all the work u just wear it. cool product

++ thats the best image i could find of people holding it check out some other features at this link ::

Got the point!!!

One word - PERFECT

Multimedia, yes. Gaming, no no no. A RADEON 9000 is at least three generations out of date, and 32MB is now anemic. This mac is aimed at people who only use their PCs for word processing, e-mail and the internet - now they can get a tiny little mac that doesn’t clutter up their room and has a better interface to boot. Plus it can do video work, et cetera.

Not sure what games you play but If my old G3 imac can play online I am sure this new imac will!

Arclight, some times computers are more than the sum of their parts! But thanks for Info anyway. I may as well stay with my PS3 for gameing.

did i just read what i thought i read–or do i need glasses 0-0

you have ps3-damn. i dont really play games much but my bro would flip if he had tht shyt.