Apple Macbook - Solidworks?

Anyone here running Solidworks on a macbook yet? How is it?

i would really like to know as well.

i would really like to know as well.

Yep - runs like a total champ! No issues in the past 2 days, and i’ve put it through it’s paces.


Nice. Anyone out there tried Alias Studiotools yet? Then I’ll really stop going to the Alienware website.

so I guess you are running windows XP ?

How is the graphics card on those things? Good enough for rotating complex models?

ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB GDDR3 memory

in the end I purchased a new Dell M65, you may be able to run Solidworks on a Mac but I need reliability I do not need to be part of BootCamp beta testing - would of been nice to have a macbook though - oh well, next time!

I was originally thinking of getting a pc but now, I could trade up on my mac!