Apple Mac Pro users w/ 3D programs

I’m in the process of configuring a Mac Pro. Besides getting the Nvidia graphics card what should be the minimum or optimum requirements for running Rhino3D/RhinoCAM and other graphics program.

As far as minimums go - the base configuration of a Mac Pro is more then adequate to run Rhino for just about any level of complexity that you’ll handle in ID.

Remember that CAD’s been around for years and only a few years ago many were developing products on 1 ghz machines with 256 megs of ram. You could easily strip out one of the CPU’s and still have a blazing fast machine with just the quad core CPU and 2 gigs of RAM. Remember that with an 8 core machine 95% of the time (Even in Rhino) 7 of those cores aren’t being used.

i don’t know which nvidia card you’re talking about, or if you’re made of money…but i wouldn’t get either of those cards. the quadro card is the preferable hardware for 3d – but that model is way more than most designers need and it’s pretty f’ing spendy…and the geforce card is probably only marginally better than the base ati offering as far as CAD goes.

i’d buy midrange workstation card (800 - 1400 smackers), and replace it myself…same goes for memory, apple charges a lot – and the collective internet wisdom is that crucial ( is perfectly good.

i think cyberdemon has the right focus…processors, and only buying as much as you will actually use.

I’m not sure how the Mac Pro fairs with upgrading to a non tested card. In Windows I’m sure it’d be fine but I’m not familiar enough with OSX to know if you can just drop in a regular Quadro and have it work.

One thing I will say though is that the Geforce card is better than the ATI simply because of drivers. ATI’s support for CAD software in their consumer level cards is awful. I just made the mistake last week of swapping my Nvidia card for a new ATI (on my home gaming machine) and I tried doing some work in Alias over the weekend and boy did I regret that. Little bugs like not being able to properly see my selection box and things like that ruined it.

If you’re not reliant on some of the advanced hardware shading features then a consumer level card is fine. BUT - if you’re spending the money on a Mac Pro (which is the most expensive of the expensive) then maybe it’s worth just splurging on the Quadro option out of the box.

Folks at Rhino advised me to get the NVidia graphics card on the Mac Pro, so I will. But, I’m getting the stock NVidia card that comes with the machine. I will wait on the Quadro card - might be an overkill for now.

Thanks for the info above guys!!!

I’m going to buy a refurbished machine from the Apple store, and save myself 15%.