Apple laptop for an industrial designer

was planning to buy an apple ibook (G5). I already have a windpws based PC that works quite well for cad, animation graphics etc. I feel buying a windows based lappy shall be a waste.

Cud anybody plz lemme know abt benefits of apple laptop for an industrial designer. I am net savvy and want it for graphics, internet browsing purpose. plus for appreciating design for experience that apple is known for.

Do pirated softwares run on apple? i dont thinks so, but just a query.Also how gud is the graphics software in mac (that is parallel to adobe ps)

have not fixed on config. wanted to seek opinion before i do that.


read ibook G4 for G5

Interesting question…I’ve been told the answer is yes.

I think I’ll wait and see what other people have to say before going on and on.

there’s bootleg software for mac and pc. Havingboth OS means hunting for both versions. Or buy a macbook pro and dual boot with XP.

Don’t waste money on a PPC iBook. The Intel based MacBooks will be out shortly.