Apple/ iPhone Case 4/4s

Great research man. Just as I had suspected, looking much closer to 1+CM, which more than doubles the thickness of the bare iPhone.

Here’s my estimate based on known dimension of the headphone jack and scaling appropriately.

I think the point is more than the thickness however, but the use case. You say that the battery is dependent on the cord, which isn’t really true, it’s dependent on what the cord plugs into. If the case somehow had an integral dock to usb to AC outlet connector that was super flat and folded out, I could see the point of that, giving it a quick charge plugged into the wall if need be. With just a USB cord, you need a computer or the power brick, both of which are large enough to be carried with the item. I’d think there’s very few cases as you propose where you are someplace that only has access to USB and no cord.


… playing marketing games I think.

CaseInity Car Charger

CaseInity’s USB car charger broadens your mobile charging options with the smallest car charger available – one that fits in all car outlets and takes up very little room. No more dangly, annoying cords in your car!

In all fairness, CaseInity does not claim that they designed and manufactured this product, but the implication is there in the words “with the smallest car charger available”. Since this is obviously a purchased-for-resale item (requiring more capital to produce and market than their k/s product), I would imagine that it is available from others as well… . oh, it is. Perhaps they spec’d the color?

My apologies for the snark-isms… . I just find this attempt at “design” a bit off-putting.

The case is slightly thicker but for several reasons, one the thickness protects your phone, and with the slight thickness and due to the way it was deisgned it acts as a stand in addition to contouring to your hand. We are no thicker than other cases you see out there . But in the end your battery life is dependent on the cord which charges it, whether or not you charge in a usb, or an outlet that cord makes the charging connection, without it there is no way your phone functions. With that being said if anything you take from this, this is a much more convenient way to always have your cord with you without the clutter. Rather than carrying the long cord with you will have this inside your case. The car charger is already in the market we sourced that.

Like many here I’m the kind of guy who will use my phone without a case. When it gets old and worn I’ll consider putting a case on if it will make it look better. So far I’ve found wear and tear to look better though…

Anyway, to add one argument for your product: I’ve actually seen people who carry their iphone in a bag/purse with the sync cord attached, dangling from the phone like a tail. No kidding!!!

I give up. Obviously you are not receptive to the comments.


I’m looking for a USB outlet to plug my phone into…

Yeah. All I find are computers, and USB/outlet adapters. Where do those items fit inside your “case”?


Did anybody consider the fact that you have to “REMOVE” the case everytime to charge it??

Caseinity: I think the value to me is very little here…

It is THICK. :frowning:
It makes your Iphone bulky.
It has to be removed every time to charge it. :arrow_right:
The cable connectors are metal and when fixed next to the iphone back case, there is a risk of damage to Iphone’ s glass.:open_mouth: I wouldn’t want that.


overall it’s an OK concept, in an otherwise super-crowded and rather not too interesting nor creative market. The hand grip with embedded charge cord solves some user issues, identified even in this threads’ critiques, and on that basis - problem solving no matter how minute - the design has merit.

It appears a bit crude, is this a prototype in the pictures? The deep recess logo is a mistake, it will quickly capture gross hand oils and dirt. The hand is very tactile, this case cover is completely flat featureless, seems a missed design opportunity. Black, how boring; multiple colourways would help to make this boring case cover pop.

How does this case fail? Will the case stand up to high multiple on-offs? What if my cord is kinky? I would design in a forest of small rubber posts to act as an impromptu cord guide.

I really don’t like unsubstantiated claims of “ergonomic”. Prove it or shut up.