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Hello all,

I created the first Cord-On-Board, Shockproof, Self Standing, Ergonomically Enhanced iPhone case. I would love it if you could review it. I am on kickstarter in hopes to get this funded so I can make this dream a reality. You can find my website and the kickstarter url below. I really hope you like it. Happy holidays and thanks for reading the email.

With that being said I would love to see what motivates you in deciding your purchase of an accessory for your phone.

Maybe we could rank companies you like and rank what you want in your case accessory, examples maybe such as durability, functionality, cost……you name it I would love to hear people and thoughts.

Happy Holidays !!!

I don’t get it. It’s just a super fat case with a USB cable inside? Why would I want that? How often do I need an iPhone and the cable outside of home? Wouldn’t it be easier to just have no/slim case and put a cable in my bag (as I do when traveling).


Thanks for the quick reply, the case is not thick at all, just a couple millimeters larger than the case. The case is designed that way because it is ergonomically enhanced, designed to contour to the user’s hand. We spent several months consulting with an ergonomist to find the ideal way to relieve muscle strain in your palm, with our palm weight distribution method it literally relieves stress from your palm when holding the phone and it is the first ergonomically enhanced case in the world. This greatly reduces the chance of carpel tunnel.
Remember, your charging cord is what sustains your charge, not your battery. Maybe not for you but the majority of iPhone users constantly have to struggle with their phone dying on them. Think about how cumbersome it is to carry that long cord with you, and that is why most people never carry their cord with them. The charging opportunities ARE ENDLESS, with our case you can charge at home, at work, a friend’s house, library, essentially wherever you are you can charge. Not to take away from its main function but the case is also made of durable material so it can protect you from daily bumbs and bruises your phone could face and acts as a stand due to its design.
With all this being said we offer this to you: a case, cord, and screen protector for 25 dollars with shipping and handling free.

Thanks again Richard I appreciate the critique and I hope I answered your question.

Still don’t get why I need a cord and if I go why I would carry it someplace else instead of doubling the thickness of my phone 20% 90% of time I don’t need it. Looks like an answer in search of a problem. Sorry to be harsh.


I only see it as one more kickstarter iphone case, and I read your first posting here as an attempt to drum up viewers and funding for your molds, understandable.

If the user can handle the extra thickness and needs more battery life, he should get a case with a battery in it.

Good point, however they have to pay 3.5 times more than they would pay for our design.


Not to mention the battery case does not act as a stand, or is ergonomically enhanced like ours.

reply to rkuchinsky

Not at all, don’t be sorry. We love the criticism. We understand not everyone will like our cases, but that goes for all companies in this industry, each company caters to certain needs of the user.

For example Otterbox: Durability , Mophie: Charged longer, we created a hybrid of both with added functionally but at a fraction of the price. Which is why I disagree with your notion that the charge of an iPhone not being an issue.

These case companies are very popular because they each solve a need for the iPhone consumer. The fact is the iPhone battery runs out very quickly. Think about a student at school, a person at work, think about how easy and convenient this is. You will never lose your cord, and remember the cord sustains the charge not the battery, so you always need you cord to charge your phone. Again appreciate the criticism.

Why not pledge 25 dollars and get the case yourself to test it out first hand and tell us how it feels, fits, and functions in your hand.
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I’m sure there is a market for your case, just how big? Seems kickstarter is one good way to find out. Good luck with your funding.

Maybe Core forums should have a Kickstarter subforum?

I may be in the minority. I see any case at all, even the slimmest as a terrible waste of a good design like putting a car bra on a Porsche 356


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Okay, enough with the product peddling; the intent of this forum is to share “projects” with other designers, not to provide a venue for hawking wares. We enjoy seeing and hearing how folks conceive, develop, and implement their concepts, navigate around technical problems and so forth. If you care to get into it please do so. We love a good story.

But with regard to:

Why not pledge 25 dollars and get the case yourself to test it out first hand and tell us how it feels, fits, and functions in your hand.

If you need to do more beta testing, I’d say your product isn’t ready for market. Asking a group of professional designers to pay you to test your product is not the way it’s done. If you require professional advice you pay for it.

Please stop spieling your product here, it’s a distraction, it’s annoying, and it isn’t getting you any more exposure.

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I am dubious about the design and hell kid you do need to find out if the market even wants this. I looked at the product, seems to be about 4 oz of 40-60 duro A silicon rubber cast into a hard 2 piece mold. Given that, and it takes only a few real inexpensive cast molds (bondo works btw) to pump out 30-40 of them I would make a few molds, cast up some 20 or so, send them out (free) to sites like this as well as the Apple fanatics. I would use the stuff on your web site to flesh out what in essence is a press kit. In that way for a hundred bucks or so you get real feed back and if the idea fly’s you have already started getting the word out.

Have you taken into account the licensing fees Apple charges? They could easily cut into your budget.

@caseinity post images to the Forum, it’s poor taste to ask core77 readers/contributors to click over to another web page.

LMO +1

‘ergonomic’ doesn’t mean designed IMO.

Nor does good, probably bordering on great, ergonomics equal good design :laughing:

Angle, adaptability, men, women, children, infirm, nothing beats a nicely textured sphere on the back of your Ive designed iphone 4S.

Make the below illustrated spheres hollow, hinged and claspable and you have a kickstarter winner, store your cord, your pot, your spare change inside.


My thoughts exactly.


Cmon now. A couple millimeters larger? We’re all professional Industrial Designers who freak out over millimeters for a living. So you’re saying it is precisely 2 millimeters larger than the existing iPhone 4/4S phone? Impossible. I’m guessing 7mm if you’re really good, or more realistically 1+CM, which is quite substantial relatively speaking, considering the thickness of an iPhone 4/4S is less than 1CM.

You are not the minority!

Where is your computer? The reason I ask is chances are it’s at home, or in your computer bag. So your cord is either connected already at home, or can easily go into your bag. If you charge in the car you can just leave your car charger in there all the time.

I also don’t use a case for the same reasons as has been stated.

I don’t mind people posting kickstarter projects on the boards, IF they were a active member of the community. But it looks like this is your first post so I question how interested you are in really getting opinions vs. backers.

I swear by the Apple bumper. The phone is so slippery to me without it. I actually wound up having the phone slide out of my pocket one day while filling up my car tires and left it on the ground of the gas station for a couple hours.

I hate hiding the metal, but I definately prefer the slightly chunkier grip.

So you’re saying it is precisely 2 millimeters larger than the existing iPhone 4/4S phone? … I’m guessing 7mm … or more realistically 1+CM, which is quite substantial relatively speaking, considering the thickness of an iPhone 4/4S is less than 1CM.

From the k/s text:

Each Cord-On-Board iPhone 4/4s Case by CaseInity case comes with a custom 9.5” USB cord that is EMI certified and lets you both charge your phone and transfer data. The ends of the cord snap securely into the allotted spaces inside the case, and the cord itself easily folds into the deepened channel. It only takes a few seconds to get your USB cord in and out of your Cord-On-Board case!

So, it’s at least thicker than the phone by the thickness of the USB connectors (.312" [7.92mm]) + the material wall thickness of the case…