Apple iPhone 6s?

Let me enliven the discussion; can Apple still deny the original iPhone 6’s “Bendgate” problem?

A few people have them in the office and no one has bent one yet. One person has broken their glass 4 times though.

I bought a used Iphone 6 and it definitely has a slight bend to it. Doesn’t impact the operation at all, but you can tell it’s not flat when you lay it on a table.

This was put to bed already. The iPhone 6 doesn’t bend any more than other competitive phones. Just no one cares about the others so it’s not news. That said, bending less will be good. Personally I’ve had no issues, but I’ve never broken glass on any phone I’ve had (take care of your stuff people) and this is the first time I’ve used a case (because the i6 is slipper as heck, they ned to knurl the edges or something.)
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.55.41 AM.png

Here’s another thought that I’ve been constantly questioning in regards to cell phones and specifically the iPhone:

Is it really good design if nearly every user feels the need to have an added on case in order to use it?

As a pocket based device i feel like it shouldn’t need a case personally. My pocket is the case.

I understand the desire to customize, but it also shouldn’t feel like a wet bar of soap in my hands without one in my opinion.

Never had a case on any phone. I don’t understand why you’d want to make a really nice designed, thin phone thick and ugly. Like a car bra. Had 3 different generations of iPhones since the first. 6 now. I found it slippery when I first got it esp compared to the square edged 4 I previously had but not an issue anymore. Only ever cracked 1 screen. iPhone 6, but alcohol was involved.


Never used a case either.

But one day I was mindlessly staring at my phone and wallet on my desk. I finally thought of a simple question, why 2 things?

But since I have an LG, I made it myself. Went to the leather store and picked out a nice piece of dead animal and hit the the Juki. I’d take a picture with my phone but I can’t. Looks similar to the iphone image below except I don’t have a strap around the whole thing. Mine just closes like a book.

I did the same thing. Except I use this instead. Never forget my wallet anymore.

Agree with yo’s first post. Apple is a magnet for hyperbole. FWIW I’ve never used a case with either my iP4 or iP5. I do use a cling plastic screen protector though. However, I have to say, it would be LAME to bend your phone.

Hmm some interesting thoughts here.

It’s been something I’ve observed for quite awhile now, and I can’t tell you how common I find myself in a room or on the bus and every single person has a case over their phone. There’s clearly an emotion that’s invoked when holding smart phones, and it makes me question the way we judge good design vs. bad design. It’s like selling a shoe without an outsole, yeah you could go walk around and survive with it, but 99% of people would go and buy an outsole to glue on the bottom.

I like the comparison to car bras, I hardly ever see them anymore. But to your point, what would we think if the majority of people felt the need to have a bra on their car?

Just to clarify, this isn’t directed solely at Apple.

This was put to bed already. The iPhone 6 doesn’t bend any more than other competitive phones. Just no one cares about the others so it’s not news.

Well, Apple talks big to have by far the highest standard in everything of the whole industry… and they charge around 50-100% more for their phones. So it is only fair to hold them to exactely those standards, don’t you think? :wink:

And looking at the list you posted the iPhone indeed seems to not be the strongest performer in that regard.
And apparently Apple listened to the complaints. So I think the system kind of works and the outcry was not inappropriate.

I agree about the case stuff. I think since a few years Jony is living too much in his “Mark newson, Bently, Rolex, high fashion”-bubble. I generally don’t like the slight shift Apple is taking towards more jewlery looking designs. So many polished bling bling chamfers and glittering gold housings. It’s really losing it’s simplicity in the details (don’t get me wrong, they are still ahead of literally everybody in the industry… but again, if you claim to be the best in class it’s only fair to have the highest possible expectations). That’s probably also the trend that makes people want to stuff their expensive phones into pieces of plastic designed in hell and sold for less than an average lunch.
So you can take out your precious phone a few minutes a day in the safe zone of you home and admire the design.
Just like the ludicrously expensive diamond necklace Earl of Dorincourt gave you for your betrothal that you only wear on dinnerparties held at your father’s country house. Probably exactely the kind of event Jony attended a little too often in the past :mrgreen:

Cases improve the durability of the phone, and most people are clumsy enough that their phones take a lot of bumps and drops. As OCD designers we might take better care, but I can tell that I’ve dropped my phone twice since picking it up and have already put a big dent into the case and scratched the housing from a light drop on asphalt. Both of those would’ve been prevented with a case or bumper.

Some people opt for the naked phone, but a lot of people like the customization aspect of knowing which iphone on the table is theres “Did anyone lose a hello kitty iphone?”. I always liked the Apple bumpers since they protected the edges but left most of the ID intact.

I thought it was interesting sales are stronger than ever, even if there was little change in the design.

Well, I also thought about the case dilemma. Shouldn’t the phones be stronger and rugged? But it pretty much is a one phone fits most users, tweens, teenagers, adults, female, male & seniors. People also use them at work, while driving, in the gym, in their pocket, in their purse, etc. So the separate case is the perfect solution to appeal to all these different markets, not just customizing the way it looks but how durable you want it to be, or how much of an aesthetic statement you want it to be.
Imagine having 20+ skus to please everybody. Minimal, slightly rugged, rugged, unbreakable, fun, understated, etc.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Also works on android phones.

nice! I bet you could get some good gizmodo coverage with that!

Just broke my wife’s iPhone 6 glass this weekend. Getting a case for it after I get the glass replaced.

If that were the “case”, then there has never been a good phone design. People have bought phone cases since cell phones came into being. Design is about trade-offs. You could make an iPhone that didn’t have a glass screen and it would not break as easily when you dropped it, but it would likely scratch every time you touched it. If you ever owned an iPod, then you would know why Apple chose glass for the screen.

Cases are about two things: 1) protecting a very expensive device and 2) personalization. Even if you didn’t need 1, you are going to want 2.