apple ibook

I am thinking of purchasing an apple iBook soon, and need a little advice. Ihave decided to get a 14" with the superdrive, and upgrade to 80 gigs of hard drive, and 512 ram. Is 512 enough. I have no idea how fast my photoshop filters are oging to be running, and so forth with that much ram. What kind of ram do you guys have, and do you think it is enough?? I am trying to be money concious here, but if the money justifies itself…
Also, is the iBook good? what is the difference between it and the powerbook? thanks a ton![/code]

I believe the powerbook has a faster vid card and more standard features in adition to being slimer and having a 15" screen. My brother has an iBook at it seems just a touch slower than my 1.5GHZ powerbook with 1GB Ram. You notice it most running photoshop and illustrator at the same time. Video softwear like final cut pro def runs faster on the powerbook.

The iBook is a good machine though. It won’t do you wrong.