Apple Gets An "F",70739-0.html?tw=rss.index

But I bet they’re on the honor roll inside of 3 years.

Who cares. Ship those old computers to the schools as usual. Go OregonTrail!!!

If anyone hasn’t seen this yet:

I’d like to know who the hell cares about that lame site?

I was suprised to see Apple has such a terrible track record of computer recycling. You’d think such a forward-thinking company would be all over some type of “green” program. I guess they’re too busy developing such meaningful products as the Hi-Fi :unamused:

Who throws away an Apple?

I say…


halloween costume.
secret office beer fridge.
meat tenderizer.
bike basket.

I wish I could hold up my hand. Last time I unpacked my Apple IIGS, the snow white plastic had turned an ugly yellow.

Needs a trip to the paint booth. But then I’d want to stick a new PC mobo inside it and find a flat panel monitor that would sit nicely on top … or stick it inside the old monitor housing.

I used my old hockey puck G3 mouse as a christmas tree ornament after it died… and Oregon Trail rules!

How about a ‘versions museum’. Photoshop 1.1 - Alias 6.0 - Pro/E v7 - 3d Studio 1.0 - AutoCAD 9

I would go to a museum to play with Pong

I might register that domain name?