apple g4??

hi everybody, what do you think about apple g4 power book

it’s quite lovely, for i have one myself and am using as we speak :smiley: i’ve had no problems with it since i got it over a year ago knock on wood

thank you, thats is really good news for me because I got one as a gift for christmas and I was wondering if I should change it with hp z 7000

thank you, thats is really good news for me because I got one as a gift for christmas and I was wondering if I should change it with hp z 7000

I’m on my third powerbook in three years, can’t stop upgrading to the new kit. Just got this one a couple of weeks ago. Never had a single problem with any of them. My wife still runs my oldest one, still as fast as the day I got it.

HP zd7000 series way better for the money for ID.
You would actually have software for the HP, good luck with the Mac.
You can always use it for photoshop and email though. Or maybe play the 2 games offered for Macs.

yo, what do you use your mac for? is anyone here using vectorworks, maya, cobalt, etc for id stuff? virtual pc? know this has been discussed before but thought to revisit as descision is upcoming regarding platform…leaning towards mac despite overwhelming use of pc in id

For CAID work (ie, the 3D that’s related to ID), there’s no choice. Pro/E, Solidworks, Rhino, Studio - all PC-only (or *nix, but still not OS X BSD distribution). Get a PC.

However, photoshop and illustrator were originally (and still are) mac packages. I use a Mac, and just use the SID’s computers for the 3D stuff. Perhaps in a year or so I’ll get my own PC laptop, but Solidworks is just too expensive for me to even consider buying it yet, and the school’s site-license only works in the computer lab, so…

Arclight, I’m not convinced…vectorworks, graphite, etc are availiable on mac…is anyone using any of these any of these and are willing to share information/experiences…

I use graphite and cobalt for all of my design needs. No problems as of yet. Love OSX. Use a g5 in the office and g4 powerbook for home use. Ashlar offers a great suite of tools for designing. They may not be as robust as other pc apps, Wildfire, Catia, Alias, Rhino. Depends on what type of projects you are working on, and your software needs. For visualization and ease of use, mac’s are great. You just have to keep up to speed on all of the pc apps though, they will remain to be the industry standard at most companies.

Your enthusiasm is inspiring - I use a Mac, too - but I barely know anyone who does Mac ID. There’s one firm here in Ottawa that uses vectorworks, but they still use a PC with Studio for the really tricky surfacing.

I’ve used Solidworks (don’t like it personally), Studio (love it), Maya (ditto), Vectorworks (okay, better for mechanical stuff), Cobalt (hated the interface), Form.Z (never got the hang of it), Cinema 4D (Maya was better)…