Apple cable

Hi Guys,

i saw this project on kickstarter Snooze - The iPhone Alarm Dock with a Big Snooze Bar by Distil Union — Kickstarter and noticed that they placed their logo on the USB cable.
I’m just curious to know if this is allowed since I can’t get any info about it on the web. I need this information for a client who wants his logo on there as well but I told them it’s probably not allowed.

Does anyone know more about this?


I wouldn’t see why that would be a problem - you’re using your own logo on something that Apple openly allows development for.

If you used Apples logo, or the “USB” trademarked logo (the actual USB wordmark, not the trident symbol) then you’d be in trouble.

Thanks for your input. I thought since the product was designed by Apple it would restrict others from printing their logo on it.

Is there a regulation handbook somewhere that shows accessory makers what they can and can’t do?


I wonder why they decided to do a cable at all? With the new 19pin connector coming this product would not have suffered if there was no cable option.

This is a start:

The cable is not an Apple product - they have the connector specified but anyone could go out and make a cable if they want - China will build you anything with an Apple connector.

thanks for all the replies I appreciate it.
@ yo So if there is no cable the possibility would be to have an induction unit of some kind, is that would you are referring to?

No, I was suggesting that the user supply their own cable that comes with their phone. This way they avoid the complication of the cable switch over. This product is essentially a phone holder, or stand, not a dock.

That cable looks very much like Apple’s cable, I’d guess they have a design patent on that? I mean people are free to use the connector layout, but the actual ID?

That things seems so expensive and overly complicated for what it is. I love the pictures of them with their prototypes. Really guys? You can download the tech drawings for the iPhone 4. If you know about tolerances, you could bang this out perfect in SolidWorks in a morning.

Clunky and unrefined too…