Apple AR/VR Goggles

So much speculation, so few facts, but thought it might be good to have a home for some things as they develop:

More spec-ulation (see what I did there) -

We had Kestrel Bikes as a client in the early 00’s. They folded and the principals went elsewhere, they were both engineers with experience in composites and aerospace. One of them has been a carbon fiber engineering lead at Apple for several years, and I can’t think of anything that Apple currently makes with that material…


:rofl::rofl::rofl: well played

I’ve been one to downplay the recent exodus of IDers at Apple as just how things go with a company of Apple’s magnitude, but this is the first story I’ve seen that actually has me believing there might be a real problem. It sounds like the whole design department, or at least the department’s consensus opinion, strongly advised against the headset in its current state being released in 2023…and was subsequently ignored.

Operations types make decisions all the time that leave designers - after presenting logical, thoughtful, comprehensive counterarguments - scratching their heads, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick around to see it blow up in our faces. Apple has certainly been slipping the past few years, especially on the software side, and now I’m really afraid we might be on the cusp of what is effectively the Newton 2.0.

It’s been awhile since they have had a Newton so maybe…