Apparel design...?

Hi All-

I was wondering how the core77 community felt about apparel design, and if any were apparel designers themselves. In my current location and industry, there is a great demand for apparel design. I’ve always had an interest in apparel, I enjoy cutting patterns and sewing and almost went to school for fashion instead of ID. My problem is, no one is interested in hiring a designer without apparel experience so I’m not sure how to get my foot in the door on this one. I’ve begun researching schools and programs in the area, but the thought of adding more debt to my student loans is pretty unappetizing. How would you go about breaking into a new design discipline? And, would you? I’ve already gotten several other IDers telling me I don’t want to go down this road. I appreciate your input, thanks.

Jro- I would look at some of the fashion classes at mass art. then look into internships. ive seen several posted at Reebok and a few at new balance, im sure there are others around.

Jro- I started a clothing co. that is sitting idle right now because of the economy and funds. I found a niche market started small, then medium sized. Creating apparel designs from scratch was more for when i planned on greater success. I started small with distributors apparel, tweaking them and applying graphic media. I started w/ $250 and a little spreading the word, and now because of things, trying to hold on to what i invested. Hope this helps a bit. Good Luck

Hi there- sorry about that, I no longer reside in Boston, now located in CA. Though I have begun researching design schools out here that have fashion/apparel programs. Again, I honestly don’t know how I could possibly afford more student loans :frowning:

tryp- wow, struck out on your own, good for you! I have an express interest in technical or athletic apparel, I’m not sure if I have what it takes to strike out on my own in such a field. Do you do tee-shirt designs? Do you have a link of your work?

I appreciate your responses. I’ve searched at and found that ID is actually pretty desirable in technical apparel designers, I just have to find my way in. ::think think think::

I represent mma fighters, athletes, and just regular people. Its a tough world for sure. , and i have a website which is not complete yet.