Apollo Lunar Lander inspired backpack

Hey fellow design friends,

I’ve recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a backpack I designed! I’ve worked with a company called Betabrand to develop the Apollo backpack. It’s inspired by NASA’s lunar lander, and I think it turned out pretty cool. I would really appreciate any support and feedback. Check it out here and feel free to share.



How’d you get the ripstop so pretty? You have a source for golden ripstop or did you print/laminate it yourself?
Do you have any process/prototypes/sketches? would be cool to see.

Hi Nicholas,
I like the idea and material execution, though I bet it worked better as a sketch as you see that in three dimensions it loses a bit of structure.
Consider placing the seams in a way that the backpack forms a shape that stands on its own and works together with the flaps as well.
To improve on the space-inspired tech aesthetic you can use ultrasonic welds or adhesives on the seams.
See for example this Patagonia pack:

Still it’s a nice backpack and I am sure it will sell purely for its stylization.
I’m sure everyone here will be very happy if you can tell them where to source that gold coated nylon ripstop.
At Profabrics they have one but it is not nearly as golden as this one - http://www.profabrics.co.uk/products/gold-pigmented-pu-coated-ripstop
You can also consider adding a copper variant - it will look great and more sophisticated with the black plus this look is very trendy at the moment.

I worked with Betabrand who sourced the materials overseas. Check out my website for more process. Thanks Longhorn!

Really cool backpack. Thanks for the feedback Ralph. I will definitely have to implement in version 2!