anything like this stateside?...

i think the concept is cool…don’t know how fast folks are running and whether the forces are even significant enough to warrant a design to fight centripetal forces but whatever the case, they seem to be popular.

Adidas designed some asymmetrical spikes for the Olympics… check out the following links:

Wow, this is good news.
My company used to do sample development and production in the same factory where these are made.
These shoes are great, especially for kids, as they are extremely light and have very low profile midsoles. I always wanted some, but have never had the opportunity.
There was some inquiries made by one of our salespeople to obtain a license for these in the US and some samples were brought back, but none of our customers were interested. The materials and colors were just too loud and shiny for the market at that time (3-4 years ago).
I honestly never noticed the asymmetrical tread!

It’s about time someone had done the asymetrical curve running shoes. I hated being on the curve back when I ran track and have slipped or rolled out of my shoes more than enough times. It’s like running sideways on a hill, the feet definitely have different forces acting on them.