Anything interesting to see in Munich?

I’m going to Munich in a couple of days. Is there anything interesting to see there that is design-related? I’ve already booked BMW museum and design museum too.

Haven’t been there myself, but if I went to Munich and had the time I would check out the Olympic Stadium just based on its reputation.

ART: Pinakothek der Moderne: Dorfbaderstube (M+) | DIE PINAKOTHEKEN

SCIENCE: Deutsches Museum:

HORLOGERIE: Juwelier Möller im Bayrischen Hof

BEER: Hofbräuhaus: Welcome - Hofbräuhaus

Have a good time in Bavaria !


More of a Haus der Kunst fan myself.

I also seem to recall a wonderful outdoor food market but I have no recollection of its exact location.

Munich is outstanding. Simply walking around is enough material for days.

One of the best art/design magazine shops I have ever seen is located in Munich, it’s called Soda.

For a touch of nature, visit the Starnberger See, which is within the city limits, I believe.

BMW Welt is cool but it’s just the same ol’ flashy car show stuff. IMHO the only must-see part is the area with vintage BMWs.

I went to this museum a couple of years ago and it was AMAZING and would love to go back there. I could have spent all day there easily because there is just soooooo much to see. Just make sure you allow enough time for it. Did the BMW museum and found it interesting and enjoyable too.


I came, I saw and it was just fantastic. Thanks for the recommendations, guys!

The city is a museum in its own right too