anything about Colombia... what do you know?

Hi, I´m designing a product and it has to show a Colombian style and background.

Please post what you know about Colombia, what you think about the country, the music, people, culture, enviroment, everything… the more you write about your perception the more you’ll help me. I want to know what people around the world know, think, hear and suppose about Colombia.

Please be SMART!!! and don’t say Colombia is just drugs, cocaine or war… I know you are smarter than that and you know a Country with more than 45 million people is more than what you see in the international news! If you just want to say Colombia are drugs and cocaine please do not post anything :blush: , I really need your help so I can get the best of your comments for the product I´m designing.

Thank you very much for your help!

I’m not colombian, but ive been to a few cities in Colombia. First thing that comes to mind is coffee…it is heavily marketed around the world and the iconic logo of Juan Valdez is easily recognizable. Colombia also has a big emerald market.

If you are designing a product for colombians, maybe think of their culture and habits. Dancing, partying and family play an important role in the culture, as well as religion and tradition. Look at the way they dress, their climate, their language. What do they consider important in products, in marketing? look at colombian commercials, how do they pitch a product?

Do you know any colombians in your university/college/work?

Hi mancho.

I don´t know nothing about colombia,just we share the same tongue,but i know colombians,they are very friendly people,they are always smiling,i´m very glad to know them.


the more you write about your perception the more you’ll help me.

Are you trying to design for Columbians, or for people’s perception of Columbia? If you are trying to provide for a Columbian market our perception doesn’t mean much.

Mancho … you’re in Columbia … look around you. As a Columbian designer (assuming you’re not just there on holiday), I’d say that it’s up to you to define Columbian.

I’m sure that there is more to the country than coffee …