Anyone with experience with RitaSue Siegel?

I was wondering because I keep hearing and seeing her name mentioned in several places and was wondering if contacting their agency was worth it and if it costs money to solicit their assistance?


if your looking for help finding a job for yourself, headhunters are not the starting point.

If you are trying to hire someone and need a specific skill set, headhunters are the ideal starting point.
Rita is retired now and although she has connections to IDSA, her firm gets mixed reviews. But these are tough times, not a lot to refer too for recommendations.

I will admit, I got my 2nd full-time Industrial Design job from a headhunting company… and it turned out amazing. Great pay, great benefits, great company, perfect fit regarding my skills and the company’s needs. The company ended up going bankrupt after a while, which was a bit of a shocker, as previously it was very successful for many years with a large staff. Regardless, in that circumstance, the headhunting option worked, and worked well. It brought me to Austin, which I love, and plan on working and living here permanently (or at least moving back here if I temporarily move elsewhere for another position).

Headhunters can work depending on who you use. They are very limited in the realm of ID. Rita Sue is one yeh ideology is another. Rita Sue like mentioned before has mixed reviews in the industry. She used to be the leader. I have never worked with her and cannot speak to the quality of the firm, but do know 10 years ago when I was coming out of school she only placed managers and executives.


Thanks everyone for the chimes.

I wanted to let every grad know though that RitaSue does not assist grads, but only senior designers; just in case anyone was thinking of contacting her. She just emailed me last night and she was very nice in her message to me.

I assume the same about YehIdeology. Oh well, thanks guys. I will keep going the old-fashioned way; via solicited and unsolicited emails with my portfolio/resume/CL and networking. :slight_smile:

Good to hear. Good luck!


Thanks PackageID!!

I was previously placed by an Engineering recruiter. They often work with the same companies we do, and may have more connections and a friendlier relationship to local companies if you are targeting a specific place. Good luck with your search!