Anyone with experience in working in europe?

Wondering what it takes for an american to work in europe as an indusrial designer. Wanting to know what others experience was like and how they got the gig. Please share

Ex-pats haven’t been very welcome in Europe for the last ten years or so. EU employment regulations give EU citizens priority over non-EU citizens when it comes to job opportunities. Europe has been dealing with unemployment as well (moreso than the US) for the past decade.

You may luck out getting a job in the US with a multinational who has operations in Europe and working in the US first for a while and then get an assignment abroad.

I highly doubt you will be successful at finding a job in Europe directly - you would need a work VISA anyways. Can’t get a work VISA unless you have a job lined up…

good tip on the multinational. Any body have tips on Netherlands? How about Springtime Design?