Anyone wear Progressive Glasses along with Contact Lenses?

So glad there is an off-topic section here! So, as an aging designer, I am starting to encounter presbyopia (needing reading glasses) for small print. I already have messed up distance vision and have been wearing contacts for as long as I can remember.

So far my option has been to buy readers (I have several pairs at home, in car, at my desk), but it sucks; makes me feel and look old.

I am considering getting Progressives that have the upper part for distance with no magnification (clear part); so that I can see distance with my contact lenses and only magnification on the bottom part; if that makes sense. My plan is to wear the Progressive eyewear only during the daytime; mostly at work, M-F.

Does anyone currently wear progressive eyeglasses full-time to resolve their presbyopia but don’t need them for distance (either you have perfect distance vision naturally or from Lasik OR you wear corrective contact lenses for distance)? What have your experiences been; positive and negative?

Please don’t suggest readers (have them and hate them… and have to keep them on the tip of my nose and look up in order to see distance) or multifocal contacts (tried them twice; didn’t work for me, no vision correction whatsoever).

Thank you in advance!

Ok, not much help from this forum, but after going to Lenscrafters and getting my Progressives with the clear top portion and prescription only on the bottom portion; I can attest that this is working for me well… in case anyone else is seeking this particular option. Just had to update everyone on my situation.

I can still wear my contact lenses, but I will be wearing these eyeglasses at work, 9 to 5; when I need them most. I can still have the freedom of taking the eyewear on and off when not needed. But best of all, I don’t have to resort to wearing cheap, drugstore bifocals that hang off of the tip of my nose that age me like granny with her knitting ball and needles. :slight_smile: