Anyone want to work in Korea?

Are you a good designer and have basic korean conversational skills, I know a very good job, actually I know a lot of openings. Is anyone interested?

isnt it dangerous over there now? happy to work long distance!

Dangerous? What are you talking about?

i know a couple swears and insults, does that count as conversational? :laughing:

ahh timgolnik, the risd wit, never gets old. thanks for reminding me why i never look at risd portfolios

a little bitter about your alma matter huh? Guess no risd students will be working at LG then.

“Dangerous? What are you talking about?”

chill. it was a joke.

lighten up, its risd sarcasm. i am actually biased towards risd people because they can actually think well, but typically dont have strong enough portfolios to persuade non-risd grads of their skills. yours was pretty good, and i am talking with a bunch of risd people now about positions.

sniffle… why you gotta play with my emotions!!! :blush:


hey timgolnik, what you doing this summer?

It’s getting late, but in the typical risd fashion, i’m not really sure yet.

it sounds like a great opportunity.
i am a british korean and i can speak fluent korean.

i am working in a shit place and i’ll do anything to DESIGN.

timgolnik, what do you want to be doing this summer?

oggi and tim should get a room.

(thats another joke)

ykh, although it’s a joke, you’re right. While i’d love to share my job hunting with the rest of the world, I prefer to embarrass myself privately. Oggi, check your private messages.


I’m a RISD student and I was wondering if you’d mind taking a look at my portfolio which consists of conceptual fork designs, a bamboo yurt, and a really spiritual tea ceremony thing. I’m also working on a chair based on the theories of Baudelaire and Nietzsche, but that’s still a ways off. Well, I have to go study for my post-colonial, third-wave feminist, environmentally friendly algebra class. Later.

i just vomited on my laptop

Seriously, LG Electronics is having a recruiting session for Korean and Korean-americans (or anyone with basic korean conversational skills) on May 18th near NYC. If you know anyone who is interested in working in Seoul, please message me. This is for Industrial Designers and graphic designers only.

“Recent graduate looking for an entry level position”

exactly what IS an entry level position anymore? :wink: