Anyone want a Gmail account?

I have 10 gmail account that I dont need. If anyone wants one, put an address here that I can send it too. Please log in core before you put an address so I dont send one to a bogus email and waste an invite.

whats gmail is it a email but 2 letters better?

good idea…I have 50 invites for anyone who wants one.

what’s gmail? googles free email. Over 2 GB of storage and better message searching.

10 mb attachments for sending and recieving, over 2 gb of storage. its great

it wins the election, gives you an erection

i’ll have one please!

Does this mean im now ‘down with tha kids?’

Sure, I’d love one, too!



Its very exculsive! I only have 50,000 invites to give out.

And anyways you dont need an invite to get one now. (