Anyone using Wacon Cintiq 18in

Any comments on this equipment? :expressionless:

Most of my work is done on Tablet PC and I want to upgrade
to a larger surface. Please help!!!


dont’ own one but did ‘demo’ for 3 days (am in the process of convincing the $$$ guys). Great piece of equipment, way better than the tablet pc in terms of size and use. For sketching, I use PS and a lot of keystroke commands, so sitting at my desk with keyboard access is the best way for me to work. The pivoting, tilting stand is very nice and brings it right where you need it.

I currently use a 9x12 intuos, and for the type of work I do I’d gladly give up 512 of my 1024 levels of pressure in order to draw directly on the screen. (I’m an ID’er, but on other forums, some digital painters wouldn’t sacrifice the other levels)

I’d suggest either contacting your local reseller or Wacom directly and ask them to let you demo one for a few days. They were really accomodating about that for me.

A certain unnamed design firm that I have close ties to went completely Cintiq this year and they love it. Mostly use Sketchbook pro, but some use Photoshop. They claim their productivity is way up.

They said the tablets don’t yet have the performance or size to meet their needs. Plus the price came way down…I’m thinking of getting one myself.

If you have an established relationship (or not) with a reseller, ask them if they have demo hardware for sale. The reseller I talked to is offering the demo unit for 500 less with the same as warranty as a new unit.

like to see real output from one of these. i still mix hand drawn with PS. using Intuos 9x12. thinking drawing onscreen would be nice. maybe. might change my technique for the better. right now my PS work is really basic. coloration of scanned line art.

time savings might be worth it. maybe not. but updated look/technique might tip scale. could someone post a couple links to whats being done with these please. no Alias website sales lit. real work. thanx in advance.

I realized I should clarify my post above: I meant that the performance of tablet-pc’s wasn’t there yet in comparison with the Cintiq tablets. -cg