Anyone using Tablet + PS for sketching?

Is there nobody using a tablet for sketching? would like to have some exchange for that.

e.g. specially right now, got some problems with sticky hands cause of summertimes and insufficient air condition… just got myself some magnesiumoxid, the stuff gymnasts use. works well. baby powder should work as well.


I’ve had the sticky hand problem as well. Sometimes I tape a piece of paper down on the tablet. Not only does it prevent sticking - It feels like you’re sketching on paper (which I guess you are).

I haven’t been able to make the transition to true sketching on the tablet. I get the most out of it touching up work in photoshop. I just don’t have the same control that I have on paper and it drives me crazy.

What’s that stuff they have at the bowling alley to keep your hands dry? Talc? I know architects use the same thing (or used to), try some of that.

Hey I’m kinda new here, being a highschool kid, only aspiring to be a fully employed industrial designer sometime in the future (I do some stuff now, just not professionally)

Anyway, I’ve been saving pennies trying to get a Toshiba Tecra Tablet because I have tried one of these babies and I fell in love with it the first time I drew a portrait of the amazed Best Buy employee standing next to me. I wish I could have saved that pic, it was really really good for a quick sketch.

Basically, tablets are great because it would mostly replace ‘napkin’ sketches for me. Sitting in line, in the car, or what have you, all those art tools right there.

That and the Tecra is powerful enough to run apps like 3DSM and AutoCAD.

I actually started trying to “sketch” using the tablet. It takes a little getting used to and I don’t think it’s quite as intuitive as regular pen and paper, but with some practice, you can achieve some pretty decent results.

This is a sketch I did in about 30min usning Photoshop CS and a cheap Wacam Graphire tablet.

I hear that the Intuos line is waaaay better, but I haven’t seen for myself yet…