Anyone using a Microsoft Surface Studio yet?

I’m wondering if anyone has put a Surface Studio through its paces in an ID workflow yet. I really want this to be a successful product for ID work, but I have my doubts about its abilities as far as handling large 3D assemblies and Keyshot, rendering, etc. Does anyone have first hand experience with any of the models that they’d be willing to share?

The lack of real professional testimonials or reviews is unsettling. All of the reviews I’ve found are from the perspective of tech editors, many of whom threw the device to their kids to scribble on. Microsoft needs to work on this.

While my SurfaceBook is but a teeny-tiny variant of the Surface Studio, I continue to be pleased with it, now going on two years old. Every so often, I look at a site called SurfaceProArtist to see how the Surface products are being received & reviewed.

Here’s a link to their reviews related to the Surface Studio;