::Anyone use Strata3d?????::

A company have expressed interest in my work, they have asked me to forward examples of Strata3D modelling?

Anyone use this programme?
Is it easy to learn!?



In the past year I’ve spent some time learning and using Strata 3D. It’s a much simpler 3D platform than say 3D Studio MAX, simpler even than FormZ. Of course with it’s simplicity comes limitations. It can do animation decently, and also polygonal modeling. Don’t expect to get too far with the boolean tools though, they’re very under-powered, FormZ blows Strata away with booleans. I can say though that if you set up your renderers well it can do some really nice looking renderings, fairly fast too. You’re not going to find a huge Strata community like you would with the other packages out there so my best advice for learning and tutorials would be to go to Strata’s website and check the links/forums.

It’s a pretty easy program to use, and a pretty quick learn. It’s effectiveness really depends on what kinds of projects you’re trying to do with it…