anyone use a tablet or slate? i need some advice...

i posted this on the tech forums, so i’ll understand if this is considered a double-post or irrelevant to footwear and softgoods, but i figured i would ask here too since i want to do that specific type of design, but am looking to do so on a tablet or slate.

anyone out there use a tablet or slate? any recommendations? i’m looking to get one that can run sketchbook pro/photoshop and illustrator without lagging or slowing down. i have a desktop at home with a wacom, so basically, i want to be able to do what i do at home, but have it be mobile. i’m not all that tech-savvy, so i have no clue what to look for, all i know is the higher the number and more more z’s there are, the better (semi-sarcasm). i am leaning towards having an HP TM2 custom built, but it’s looking to be pretty pricey. i don’t really want all the other stuff…basically a digital sketchbook to do what we do on these forums. it doesn’t need blue ray or any of that fancy stuff, just perform.

any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Check out Motion Computing tablets. I was using one for a while, but it was stolen and I haven’t replaced it yet. I had a M1400, which is kind of old, but I was only using it to run Sketchbook Pro. If you want to run anything like Photoshop or Illus, you should probably check out a LE1600 or LE1700. The LE1700 is a pretty nice machine, and I think would fit what you are looking for. They are pretty expensive new, but you can find them on Ebay for $500-800. I got my M1400 on Craigslist for $200. Get one with a View Anywhere screen if you can.

It’s not gonna be nearly as powerful as a new HP or Dell tablet PC, but it’s great for SBP. I like the Motion tablets because they are really light and thin, so they are much nicer to draw on than a full tablet laptop.

its pretty difficult to use illy/ps combo on a tablet…sbp is a go, easy though. i would try to get one that has a dedicated graphics card if your set on running iilustrator/ps, but if you willing to forego that thought sbp will run pretty well on just about anything; the other thing i would say is a must is a tablet that uses a wacom driver!!! a lot of the newer tablets are capacitive, meaning they work on touch as well as pen input, i can only guess how well that would work for sketching…it sounds like it could be a problem, but wacom joints are proven and pretty adjustable with the settings so definitely look into that…thats all i got