anyone try the cintiq 12wx yet?

Wondering if the 12wx is as nice as it seems. I haven’t talked to anyone who’s actually used it yet though…


We got one at work and aside from it breaking almost immediately (Bad connector but was quickly replaced by Wacom, though no ones tried the new unit yet) I had mixed opinions.

Functionally the digitizers the same, so it has all the features of a big Cintiq. It’s a nicely designed unit, but the single cable from the tablet has to be plugged into a clunky converter box that then has the 3 usual cables (VGA, USB, Power) that need to get routed as well. The day they can figure out how to make the entire thing cordless I’ll be in love.

My problem with it is this:

The 12WX costs $1k (in the US). For less than that (anywhere between $500-1000 from what I’ve seen on Ebay) you can go out and buy a decent 12" or 14" tablet PC – theres trade offs to both, which is why I’m a little on the fence about the 12WX actually being the better solution.

If you don’t care about portability or price, and want the side keys (which are admittedly incredibly useful) then the 12WX is the way to go.

But if for nearly half the price you can get a fully portable device that you can use on the go, and has MORE functionality then just being a display, it almost makes sense to take the lower pressure sensitivity and lack of keys and just use that instead.

So thats my $.02 - it’s not a bad device, but I have second thoughts about it being better than a tablet PC, esp considering the price difference.

i’m with cyber…

ive been going back on forth between this guy and a tablet pc since it came out and i finally made up my mind a couple of days ago and pulled the trigger on HPs new tablet.

spent a few bucks more and got a pretty nasty spec’d laptop.

i’ll let you know if i made the right choice when it shows up!

I have one- there was a thread on it here a month or so ago, here’s a bit I put:

Been using the 12" for 2 days, mixed review so far.

  • Screen is small- big enough for sketching but making it full 8.5x11 would have been much nicer.

-The screen size IS an issue with the wonky calibration that adjusts the cursor position towards the edges and corners. I’ve calibrated the thing 100 times, but the correction just gets in the way. Not an issue on the 21UX from my time on it. So in reality the usable bit of the screen is about 3/8 less on all sides.

-Sketching and sensitivity great like the other cintiq.

-Build is good, nice to be able to pick it up in your arms and draw, light and sturdy overall.

-Spinner on back (rubber bump) is simple but effective for rotating while flat on the desk.

-The display toggle is really handy jumping the cursor to other displays- I didn’t see this function on the 21ux.

-Screen quality is pretty good

Not certain if we are going to keep this or return for the 20" version yet, going to spend some more time with it.

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thanks very much for the replies.
very helpful.

I’ve read on some forums about a lot of people having problems with the cursor being stable. Something to do with default jitter settings or something like that. They showed scans of them drawing a straight line with a ruler that were wobbly like wet noodles.

I’ve read that too. Not sure if it was a hardware problem or a driver/setting problem with Photoshop (the thread was a few pages long so I didn’t read it all).

It does seem that Wacom’s been handling their customer support really well over it though. I know we had a new unit shipped to us almost immediately.

hi asango,

is it the tablet pc you’ve purchased ?

can’t wait for a designer’s review.


64 bit processor and OS, 4 gigs of ram and the new lan protocol, all for about $1800

that video is funny, the same reason she bags it is the reason i bought it, a tablet that wasn’t an glorified email terminal.

May be hard to say, but what kind of sensitivity difference is there in say the HP TX2000 and a Cintiq?

I just loaded alias Sketchbook Pro and there is a huge sensitivity difference between that and alias Studio Tools (much better in sketchbook pro) using my Intuos pad. I guess some of it may be software related?

The Penabled tablets have 512 degrees - the Cintiq/Intuos has 1024. So basically the sensitivity is halved.

Just got a unit in yesterday. Very disappointed with the line quality due to cursor jitter. It lacks precision. Will probably return the unit- build quality seems to be a problem as the jitter seems to change from unit to unit.

This is disconcerting as I’ve heard everyone say that Cintiq products are usually much better than tablets and I already have a laptop. Now it looks like if I want portability I’ll need to get a tablet. Anyone know a good tablet to recommend? or do you think that this is still better than a tablet since tablets have about 1/2 the sensitivity of the Wacom products?

I have to say this for Wacom- their tech support was very good. However I still had to return the unit. Apparently they sourced an LCD screen that has a metal band that interferes with the radio signal from the pen. I dont understand why they chose a different screen from a tablet. My expectations were that it would be an Intuos 2 with a screen integrated.

My expectation was that I could also use it instead of my mouse as I do currently with my Intuos2. The jitter becomes really pronounced when used as a traditional wacom pad controlling the primary monitor. It really is a big disappointment. I have a better sketching experience with my wifes Thinkpad X60.

Oh well…

Hey MasterBlaster - Even with the new wacom they sent you it still has problems?

I’ve been on the fence about a 12wx vs a tablet and had just decided to get the Wacom, since its supposed to be optimized for the best possible sketching. This is dissapointing!

Well - a colleague of mine has a WX which he still uses. He uses it somewhat differently than I do- so did not choose to return it. I tried out his unit and it exhibited similar jitter to mine, though definitely not on the same magnitude.
It was still far too jittery for me as I use my Wacom for much longer periods of time and to control 2 screens. So the jitter was a little too much for me.

I was using a unit today at the IDSA - didn’t seem to have the jitter problem. The cursor would jitter when you hover, but my 21UX does that. Putting down the lines seemed fine.

I’m sure Wacom wants to control their credibility, so if you did get a defective unit they’d be able to swap it. Sort of a pain - but its not like theres any competitors out there that are a better choice.

I will say I haven’t used my tablet PC for drawing in a while up until the other day, and I’m not used to the sensitivity differences having used my Cintiq for so long.

Right- that was my observation as well. It has the same jitter as the UX, but most of the UX users dont use the periphery of the screen and are sketching fast lines. The unit starts to jitter with slow controlled strokes.