Anyone tried the new Mac Mini yet?

I just saw one of them new Mac Mini’s at the Apple store. Too bad the box was bolted down so I couldn’t pick it up and feel it. Nice powerful graphics for a $499 machine. I was a bit disappointed with the hard drive performance, I just found out it’s a 4200 RPM 2.5" drive, kinda like a laptop’s.

i purchased the mac mini 2 days ago. I have a powerbook g4, and an lcd screen, and i used to have them hooked up, but just decided to stop that and connect my mac mini to the screen and have like a desktop and laptop-I am really just using it as a harddrive/entertainment system-I am selling alot of stuff right now and i am going to get the new 20 inch screen and iTV-it saves getting a mac mini, a 20 inch screen ( can be mounted on the wall) and iTV than to buy a 24 in flat screen tv out here in nyc you save like 400 bucks and I think you get alot more. I have sold alot of stuff so I thought this would be a good idea-

anyways works fine-very compact

I had to purchase bluetooth-because when u purchase in store it is not built in -only built in if u order online- tht might be helpful